May 21, 2024
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Ford Performance Reveals 2025 Dakar Rally Team

With Off-Road Legends Sainz Sr. And Roma

To conquer one of the most gruelling off-road challenges in the world, Ford Performance has revealed its driver lineup for the 2025 Dakar Rally, featuring off-road icons Carlos Sainz Sr. and Nani Roma.

The announcement, made in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, marks a significant step in Ford’s foray into off-road racing.

The unveiling offered a sneak peek at the 2025 Dakar Rally Ford Raptor contender, set to take on the treacherous terrain of the legendary race. Alongside the vehicle’s reveal, Ford Performance confirmed the participation of Sainz Sr. and Roma as two of the four drivers for the 2025 Dakar Ford Raptor team.

For Sainz Sr., a seasoned veteran with a decorated racing career spanning four decades, the return to Ford signifies a reunion with a brand that has been intertwined with his journey since the beginning.

Seeking his fifth Dakar Rally title, Sainz’s expertise and determination are poised to play a pivotal role in Ford’s pursuit of victory.

Formidable Asset

Roma, a two-time Dakar champion, extends his partnership with Ford and M-Sport following a successful 2024 campaign. His wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of the Dakar terrain make him a formidable asset to the team as they embark on this ambitious endeavour.

Active testing of the 2025 Ford Raptor has already commenced as Ford Performance aims to fine-tune its machine for the rigours of the 2025 Dakar Rally. The programme underscores Ford’s commitment to motorsport globally and reaffirms its dedication to off-road racing following the 2024 race with the Ranger T1+.

Mark Rushbrook, global director of Ford Performance Motorsport, expressed the magnitude of Ford’s ambitions in off-road racing, emphasising the importance of assembling a team of the best engineers, designers, and drivers. With Sainz Sr. and Roma on board, Rushbrook exuded confidence in the team’s ability to overcome the challenges ahead.

Matthew Wilson, M-Sport director and Dakar team manager, echoed Rushbrook’s sentiments, highlighting Roma’s invaluable contributions and Sainz’s legendary status in off-road racing. With testing underway, Wilson emphasised the team’s determination to push the development boundaries for the Ford Raptor.

In anticipation of the 2025 Dakar Rally, both Sainz and Roma expressed their excitement and commitment to the project.

Sainz Sr., reflecting on his longstanding history with Ford, expressed pride in the opportunity to drive the Raptor truck and contribute to Ford’s quest for victory.

Roma, equally enthusiastic, emphasised the camaraderie within the team and the shared passion for off-road racing.

As Ford Performance gears up for the 2025 Dakar Rally, all eyes will be on Sainz Sr., Roma, and their teammates as they embark on this epic journey to conquer the unforgiving terrain and etch their names in Dakar history again.

Featured image: (L-R) Carlos Sainz Sr. and Nani Roma. Credit: Ford Performance

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