July 20, 2024


Formula E published its Season 9 Sustainability Report while retaining its position as the world’s most sustainable sport; celebrating 10 years as net zero carbon.

Season 9 marked another pivotal year for the all-electric championship, reducing its emissions per race by 41% compared to its Season 5 baseline, while increasing participation of the education-based gender diversity programme FIA Girls on Track by 140%.

Freight emissions also reduced by 41% from increased race calendar, freight route and biofuel optimisation together with its Official Founding and Logistics Partner DHL, while opening the FIA Girls on Track programme to 1,080 girls at universities and schools with additional career talks offsite.

These highlights were recognised and applauded in three leading and independent sustainability ranking tables that the championship topped, including the Global Sustainability Benchmark in Sports (GSBS), the Sustainable Motorsport Index (SMI), and the Sustainable Championships Index (SChI™).

Building on its world-leading sustainability programmes including being the world’s first global sport to be net zero carbon since inception, the series also became the first sport in the world to align to the international standard for carbon neutrality (PAS 2060) in June 2023 to ensure the highest standards of accountability and credibility.

Elsewhere, the series helped UNICEF’s mission to positively impact 2.5 million children and young people through its Safe and Healthy Environment fund, in addition to investing more than €110,000 in community projects in host cities and directly engaging with 13,400 children and adults across 86 universities, schools, charities and community groups.

This latest Sustainability Report outlines Formula E’s world-leading example of leaving positive legacies in each of the cities where it races, including minimising its emissions by following the most advanced recommendations and targets outlined by the United Nations.

Julia Pallé, Vice President, Sustainability, Formula E, said:

“While still only 10 years old, Formula E continues to lead the way in sustainability in sport and showcase that sustainability, performance and entertainment can all powerfully co-exist. As we continue to grow, we also continue to implement the most advanced and comprehensive measures that benefit both people and the planet, leaving a positive legacy in the markets where we race. Sports organisations not only have a huge responsibility to reduce their own emissions, but leverage their huge fanbases, athletes and influence in making positive sustainable change that enhances not just the communities it impacts but the world we live in today.”

Ten key achievements across ten years of net zero carbon:

  1. ⁠Maintained rank of #1 ESG Global Sport and Motorsport by 3 independent organisations in 2024 (GSBS, MSI and SChI™)
  2. First sport in the world to achieve Net Zero Carbon (based on the 2020 definition) since inception in 2020
  3. First sport in the world to have emissions reduction targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative in 2021
  4. First sport in the world to align on the international standard for carbon neutrality (PAS 2060) in 2023
  5. First motorsport in the world to achieve FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation continuously since 2015
  6. First motorsport in the world to achieve third party certification for the international standard for sustainability in events (ISO 20121) continuously since 2018
  7. ⁠First motorsport in the world to collaborate with UNEP on World Environment Day and International Day for Clean Air for Blue Skies since 2017
  8. First ever racing car designed with sustainability KPIs around the principles of circular economy with GEN3 since 2022/2023
  9. Biggest global sports partner to UNICEF on all their climate related work (Safe and Healthy Environment Fund) impacting 2.5 million children positively to date since 2021
  10. Founder and first motorsport signatory of UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action Framework since 2020

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