April 18, 2024

Fortes Education’s Sunmarke School Garners Top Honours

In an illustrious recognition of its stellar contributions to the academic sphere, Fortes Education’s Sunmarke School has been conferred two distinguished honours at the esteemed Schools Compared Top Schools Awards. These accolades include the titles of “The Most Innovative School in the United Arab Emirates 2023-24” and “The Best Primary School Teacher in the United Arab Emirates 2023 – 2024”. The awards serve as a testament, illuminating the dedication of Fortes Education to the principles of positive education and to the implementation of avant-garde pedagogical techniques, thus reaffirming their position as trailblazers within the educational landscape of the UAE. SchoolsCompared.com, an authoritative online platform that offers in-depth, data-driven reviews of schools across the UAE, serves as the adjudicator for these awards. Established a decade ago the annual Top Schools Awards is a prestigious event that recognises excellence in education and teaching across the country.

Sunmarke School, a towering pillar of innovative learning, was lauded as “The Most Innovative School in the United Arab Emirates 2023-24”. This prestigious award recognises Sunmarke School’s commitment to fostering an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. It underscores the school’s dedication to incorporating cutting-edge pedagogical techniques, utilising advanced technology, and implementing innovative programs like AI-driven online learning, a Mini MBA program, and a dedicated STEAM program. This award exemplifies the school’s position as a pioneer in progressive education within the UAE. Established in 2016 by Fortes Holdings, Sunmarke School embodies the progressive philosophy of Positive Education. This philosophy is grounded in seven fundamental tenets: the cultivation of positive emotions, active engagement, meaningful relationships, the pursuit of meaning and purpose, the celebration of accomplishments, the promotion of health, and the encouragement of innovation. The school offers an array of pioneering programs, such as an AI-driven online learning program, a Mini MBA program, a ‘Think and Thrive’ program for aspiring entrepreneurs, and a dedicated STEAM program and center.

Dr Neil Hopkin, Director of Education at Fortes Education and former Principal of Sunmarke School, expressed delight at the recognition, stating, “We are profoundly humbled and thrilled by this acknowledgment. These awards reflect our steadfast commitment to providing an all-encompassing and forward-thinking education to our students. We firmly believe that education should not merely impart knowledge, but should also inspire students to be creative, compassionate, and confident individuals.”

The honour of “The Best Primary School Teacher in the United Arab Emirates 2023 – 2024” was bestowed upon Mr. Jamie Summers, a cherished educator at Sunmarke School. Celebrated for his fervour for STEAM education, Mr. Summers boasts over two decades of teaching experience, an impressive tenure during which he has consistently demonstrated his ability to inspire and engage his students. He skilfully amalgamates his expertise in graphic design, product design, and woodwork, thereby bringing STEAM education to life in his classroom and kindling a spirit of creativity and innovation in his students. His recognition highlights the school’s focus on nurturing a faculty of passionate, skilled, and innovative educators, who are committed to providing an engaging, enriching, and inspiring learning experience for students. This honour is a testament to the high calibre of educators at Sunmarke School.

Upon receiving the award, an elated Mr. Summers said, “I am deeply honoured and grateful for this recognition. I see this as an affirmation of our collective endeavours at Sunmarke School to foster a positive, innovative, and engaging learning environment for our students. Our aim has always been to ignite a love for learning and to nurture our students into becoming global citizens who can contribute positively to the world.”

Sunmarke School’s dual win at the Schools Compared Top Schools Awards is an affirmation of their unwavering dedication to excellence in education. The school’s Positive Education philosophy, coupled with its focus on fostering innovation and creativity, makes it a deserving recipient of these awards. As Sunmarke School continues to grow and evolve, it remains steadfast in its mission to nurture the next generation of learners, leaders, and innovators. With its unwavering dedication to excellence in education, Sunmarke School is not merely a platform for academic learning, but a crucible for character development and personal growth. The school’s Positive Education philosophy, intertwined with its commitment to fostering innovation and creativity, makes it a deserving recipient of these awards. As it strides forward, Sunmarke School continues to uphold its commitment to shaping young minds, empowering them to become enlightened citizens of the world, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to navigate their future with confidence.

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