February 29, 2024

Fortis Redefines Business Operations with POS & CRM

Fortis, a renowned provider of payment solutions, proudly announces its entry into the UAE market with an integrated Point-of-Sale (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Tailored for small service and retail businesses, Fortis empowers entrepreneurs to seamlessly manage offline and online transactions, streamline orders, implement personalized loyalty programs, and efficiently operate their businesses.

Fortis is developed to connect merchants and customers to generate more revenue for merchants while providing a seamless omnichannel experience to customers. The simplicity and user-friendly interface sets Fortis apart from all-in-one solutions offering what merchants need without any unnecessary functionality.

Fortis POS & CRM Solution offers a platform to serve customers both online and offline. The versatile system accommodates various payment methods, allowing businesses to accept payments by cash, card, or through convenient online links. Entrepreneurs can now expand their reach and sales through web stores or WhatsApp, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Key features of Fortis POS & CRM will include:

  • Versatile Payment Options: Let customers pay where and in the way that suits them – be it cash, card, or online links.
  • Omnichannel Sales: Reach and serve customers both online through web stores or via WhatsApp, and offline in a store, service point or at home;
  • User-Friendly, Attractive and Modern Interface: Fortis provides a simple and easy-to-use solution with a friendly interface, catering specifically to small retail and service businesses. Employees won’t need to spend 15 days learning with Fortis; they’ll figure it out quickly. Sleek design, intuitive navigation, responsive and adaptive interface;
  • Operation through Web and Android smartPOS: The system works seamlessly online through web platforms and Android POS smart terminals;
  • Loyalty Programs and Memberships: Introduce personalized loyalty programs and memberships to encourage customer retention and increase sales.
  • Appointment Management: Efficiently manage appointments to simplify the process of receiving a service;
  • Delivery Kit: Fortis POS & CRM is at the heart of any business. If a merchant need, Fortis provides an Android-based Smart POS, empowering with the capability to seamlessly accept payments;

Fortis is already available to order online, with some of the features described coming in the coming months. The company’s experts are available to provide clients with a comprehensive overview of Fortis’ current capabilities.

Fortis excels in scenarios involving omnichannel interactions. For instance, it seamlessly accommodates retail outlets that conduct in-person sales and utilize courier services for deliveries. It’s equally effective for points of sale that receive customer orders through platforms like Whatsapp/QR-menu, allowing customers the flexibility to either pick up items in-store or opt for delivery. Additionally, Fortis supports businesses with online bookings, ensuring a smooth process where payments for services and/or additional purchases are effortlessly managed at the point of sale.

With over a decade of experience in developing payment solutions for small and medium businesses, the founding team has gained the trust of 30,000 merchants worldwide under another brand. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its broad customer base, including small groceries, phone and accessories stores, clothing stores, beauty salons, barbershops, cleaning and printing services, among others.

Alberto Caruso, CEO Fortis Digital Solutions, commented on the entry into the UAE market:

“The United Arab Emirates is experiencing a significant transformation in its landscape. Thanks to visionary policies, the number of SMEs is expected to surge from 553 to 1 million by 2030, indicating a monumental shift.

At Fortis, we specialize in understanding the pulse of small businesses. In a world dominated by all-in-one solutions, we remain committed to the essentials: customers and payments. Our mission is to connect merchants and customers seamlessly, creating a user-friendly experience that transcends convenience. By facilitating smooth interactions, we empower businesses to attract and retain customers, ultimately boosting revenue.

Our passion lies in unraveling the intricacies of the customer experience and studying interaction scenarios and models meticulously. We delve deep into loyalty programs, striving to implement the best practices that elevate the merchant landscape in the UAE. Fortis means a commitment to shaping the future of small businesses through innovation, insight, and dedication.”

Exclusive Promotion for New Clients in the United Arab Emirates: Enjoy a 3-Month Trial with Fortis! If opting for continued usage after the trial period, subscribe to a 1-year license for the next 12 months, and the trial is complimentary. Available at AED 199 per month per license (annual payment). Terms & Conditions Apply.

Local Commitment:

Fortis proudly announces its commitment to the UAE market with its main office and the majority of its staff based in Dubai. The company is dedicated to the local community, actively hiring and developing a skilled local team to better serve businesses in the region.

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