April 18, 2024

From the Middle East to French feast, UAE and Saudi Arabian food influencers

Chefs and bloggers from across the Middle East were invited by the European Union and the French Dairy Board (CNIEL) to participate in the third instalment of a four-part YouTube mini-series showcasing the finest traditions of French butter making as well as its value in French gastronomy.

The series of short films chronicles the journey of butter from farm to table and follows the gastronomic escapades of the group as they visit farms, meet chefs and culinary experts, and indulge in masterclasses – all while taking in France’s breathtaking and refreshing countryside. The group also documents their visits to some of the finest restaurants in Nantes and Paris, where they experience the quality of exquisite food through flavours straight from the farm.

The series begins at one of France’s scenic farms, where the milking process is outlined, and farmers purposefully keep the cows happy and relaxed to create better-tasting milk that can be used in making butter.

Chef Nikita Ghandi (@theveggiefix), MasterChef India winner now based in Abu Dhabi, said: “The amount of care for the cows in France is just next level; one can even compare it to training athletes. This is reflected in the quality of milk produced and, in turn, all dairy products from France, especially butter.”

Making butter, whereby the milk is churned and then matured, forms an integral part of the short films. Speaking about the process, Chef Ghofran al Romaihy (@ghofran.alromaihy), Sesam Bakery Jeddah, said:

“The butter-making process in France has not changed for centuries, with a know-how and tradition that has consistently kept the undeniable flavour of French Butter.” As she tried a series of flavoured butter, Ghofran added, “I am very familiar with butter, but I have never tasted anything like this before.”

The relationship between farmers and chefs is also highlighted through the YouTube series, with inspirational Michelin star Chef Eric Guérin, owner and head chef of La Mare aux Oiseaux, whose menu is an ode to produce sourced from local farmers and land.

He said: “Adding butter to the same product can make all the difference and create an explosion of flavours. I use butter as a conductor for the dishes here at the restaurant, linking all ingredients together”.

France is blessed with a rich terroir, with farmers continually building on their experience of making butter and maintaining its consistent quality. “Butter is an integral part of French cuisine, making it so unique and rich in flavours; it’s part of our DNA,” added Chef Guérin.

No trip to France would be complete without enjoying a croissant. At Maison de L’Excellence, not only did the foodies have the opportunity to taste the French staple, but they also got to make one during a croissant and pastry workshop. Chef Nicolas Boussin explains, “Not all butter is the same in technicality and taste. This is why choosing the right one while making pastry is so important. Good butter consisting of at least 82% of fat makes a delicious croissant.”

The series finale centres around Chef Ghofran and her passion for butter, as she shares her expertise and culinary passion for the ingredient in Jeddah, where she connects with local chefs and food enthusiasts. Collaborating with Dareen Shaker (@dees.cakesnbakes), another member of the Butter Tours team, Chef Ghofran indulge in the exquisite flavours of a Sable Breton at her bakery. Chef Ghofran also discusses the uses of butter with Sumaia Showeil, the owner of Aysh Academy and a talented baker, learning about the innovative way Sumaia uses French butter in her kitchen and culinary school, particularly in crafting the mouthwatering Kouign Amann pastry.

To view this mouthwatering culinary tale of the golden ingredient butter, check out the videos on Butter Stories – YouTube.

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