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July 18, 2024

Frontline Heroes Office Applauds Emirati Volunteers’ Tireless Efforts in Gaza Relief Mission

The Frontline Heroes Office commended the extraordinary dedication shown by Emirati volunteers in assisting the people of Gaza amidst their current challenging circumstances.

FHO emphasized that these volunteers, who have been participating in the ongoing operations of “The Gallant Knight 3” initiative over the last nine months, exemplified solidarity and affirmed the humanitarian principles underpinning the UAE’s policy of supporting friends and brothers.

FHO stated that UAE volunteers, who participated in the ‘Compassion for Gaza’ initiative both domestically and abroad, including medical personnel at the UAE’s field hospital in Gaza, have shown tremendous efforts in various relief operations, including setting up bakeries, establishing desalination plants, and distributing essential supplies like drinking water, food, clothing, and tents. Their dedication aims to alleviate the severe humanitarian crisis faced by the people of Gaza during these challenging conditions.

The Office indicated that the “Birds of Goodness” operation conducted by the Joint Operations Command at the Ministry of Defense, as part of “Gallant Knight 3,” involves humanitarian and relief aid airdrops over Gaza. This effort aims to fulfill the needs of the Palestinian people and reduce their hardships.

FHO emphasized that these operations are crucial for providing assistance and support amidst risks and challenges. This underscores the UAE’s commitment and dedication to making a positive impact that boosts optimism and resilience among Gaza Strip residents.

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