February 22, 2024

GE HealthCare Launches 19 AI-Powered Innovations

GE HealthCare, a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator, will highlight the game-changing technologies that are defining the future of healthcare with the launch of 19 new product innovations at Arab Health 2024 from January 29 – February 1 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Emphasizing its commitment to deliver long-term growth and drive transformational change to support the overall healthcare delivery in the Middle East, Northeast Africa and Turkey (MENEAT) region, GE HealthCare will unveil its leading imaging, ultrasound, and patient care solutions that are designed to better inform clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes at the annual global exhibition and conference. The broad range of intelligent solutions showcased this year reinforces GE HealthCare’s ongoing efforts in the pursuit of healthcare access and equity as it strives to create a world where healthcare has no limits.

More than 3,450 exhibitors and over 110,000 healthcare professionals from 180 countries at Arab Health 2024 will be introduced to GE HealthCare’s cutting-edge innovations in precision care that boldly reimagines how care is delivered and are critical to solving some of the most significant clinical challenges in the MENEAT region. This comes at a time when the healthcare industry in the region is moving from a curative care to a preventive care model and public and private sector stakeholders in the region are investing heavily in technology to make use of early diagnostic tools to accelerate the transformation.

In key markets like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey, and Egypt, GE HealthCare has been expanding its broad range of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems and devices to revamp existing hospital practices and accelerate diagnostics and treatment.

Hady El Khoury, Regional General Manager MENEAT for GE HealthCare, said: “As an industry-defining innovator, GE HealthCare is a trusted partner in the MENEAT region and has more than 50 years of legacy in driving progress and bringing next-generation technologies to address the region’s diverse healthcare needs. Leveraging deep learning solutions will be critical as more countries shift to a future-ready healthcare ecosystem to promote precise, connected, and compassionate care. Imaging plays a vital role in healthcare diagnosis and delivery, and through collaborations with local and regional providers, our growing portfolio of 19+ new product innovations powered by AI will help revamp existing hospital practices and accelerate diagnostics and treatment in the MENEAT.”

Among the leading new product innovations and state-of-the-art digital medical equipment that GE HealthCare will unveil at Arab Health 2024 to improve the overall patient-care environment include:

Omni Legend: As PET/CT continues to grow into clinical areas outside of oncology, the need for a PET/CT solution that makes the power and possibility of digital detection more ubiquitous and accessible becomes increasingly more important. The high-resolution images and exceptional image quality of Omni Legend delivers vast improvements to the entire PET/CT scanning process as it enables exemplary diagnostic confidence with a collection of intuitive workflow solutions enhanced by AI.

Signa Champion*: Designed to create unparalleled access to exceptional diagnostic precision and uncompromised comfort for every patient, everywhere, SIGNA Champion democratizes advanced AI and innovative features to help enable faster and more precise MRI scans. With its highly scalable platform, SIGNA Champion is designed to support broader affordability, configurability, and upgradability to support services expansion for health systems.

Portrait VSM: GE HealthCare’s Portrait™ VSM (vital signs monitor) is built with innovative and future-focused capabilities to deliver clinical excellence and workflow efficiencies for the next era of healthcare. Automated workflow and customization options simplify patient admissions, routine spot checks and observations, empowering clinicians to make quick, informed decisions that may lead to better patient outcomes.

Vscan Air: The Vscan Air SL handheld wireless ultrasound imaging system is designed for use in rapid cardiac and vascular assessments to accelerate diagnoses and treatment decisions. The device features the company’s proprietary SignalMax and XDclear imaging performance technology which enables high levels of penetration, resolution, and sensitivity with a single crystal transducer technology.

At Arab Health 2024, GE HealthCare will join other key industry stakeholders to collaborate and create a more sustainable, positive healthcare landscape in the region and beyond. GE HealthCare is located at booth S3.B10 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

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