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GE HealthCare’s New Smart CT Increases Access

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — February 3, 2023 — At Arab Health 2023, GE HealthCare introduces a new, comprehensive Smart CT solution[i] designed to help healthcare systems care for more patients with greater efficiency and enhanced clarity with up to 50% increased patient throughput, up to 30% enhanced image quality, and 85% faster daily prep thanks to improved efficiencies with higher workflow speed[ii].

Managing high patient volumes efficiently remains one of the main challenges facing global CT departments today, with 50% of healthcare systems struggling to manage throughput related to continuous scans, image reconstruction and complicated user interfaces[iii]. Additionally, an estimated 28.6% of healthcare system are concerned with tube reliability, overall uptime of the system and long duration scansii.

For this reason, reliability is key.

In response, GE HealthCare designed the new Smart CT system to help clinicians serve more patients every hour and every day with greater consistency, speed, clarity, and care – enabling providers to reach new heights and transform more lives.

The CTs robust X-ray tube contains a well-tested, high-heat transfer technology to manage throughput and high-voltage stability for consistent techniques. The system is also designed to improve patient comfort, enabling a 20% lower breath-hold time and reduced scan times[iv].

Additionally, the  Smart CT offers simplified, automated scan prescriptions, personalized to each patient and user-friendly reference protocols for easy patient setup:

  • SmartPlan – Makes intelligent anatomy recognition possible and helps users set the localizer more efficiently for head, chest, abdomen, and other daily scans;
  • SmartPrep – Allows intermittent monitoring of IV contrast enhancement in an area of interest using low-dose scan;
  • Digital Tilt – Enables operators to set up the entire workflow from the console without multiple trips to the gantry controller; and
  • IQ Enhance – Reduces helical artifacts, which is important for the image quality of thin-slice helical scans.

Consisting of GE HealthCare’s Clarity Panel Detector, X-ray tube, compact high-voltage generator, and optional ASiR reconstruction, the CT’s state-of-the-art Clarity Imaging Chain delivers high spatial resolution with low noise and less artifact to meet various healthcare system needs in real clinical situations. Furthermore, the innovative detector technology helps to provide long-term protection of healthcare system investment while helping to enable clinical capability and economic returns today[v]. Its segmented panel designs, built with an advanced packaging and miniaturization technology, lower power consumption and improve thermal performance.

“As a company, we aspire to do more – more to help our customers, their patients and hopefully improve outcomes,” shares Jean-Luc Procaccini, President & CEO, Molecular Imaging & Computed Tomography, GE HealthCare. “With this mission in mind, we went to great lengths to design a new, Smart CT to help healthcare systems keep up with demand and meet its clinical and business objectives – all while improving and transforming the lives of patients. We are incredibly proud to introduce the result of these efforts to the market today.”

[i] Revolution Aspire is not 510k cleared by the US FDA and is not yet CE marked. It is not available for sale in the United States or the EU and is also not commercially available in all markets

[ii] Compared to the previous generation CT scanners from GE HealthCare

[iii] Primary research with 196 customer and channel partners covering Siemens, GE, Cannon, Phillips users in India

[iv] Compared to previous generation CT scanners from GE HealthCare; results may vary

[v] GE HealthCare does not warrant or guarantee profitability. Ability to achieve profitability is dependent on factors specific to each customer

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