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July 18, 2024

Geely blends innovation, comfort, and style in all-new Preface for the UAE

AGMC, the official distributor of Geely vehicles in the UAE, has announced the launch of the all-new Geely Preface, ushering in a new vision for what a compact family sedan can offer, blending exceptional design with cutting-edge technology and top-tier comfort.

The exterior of the Preface is a poetic expression of Geely’s vision for the future of sedans. Its design features a cascading waterfall-shaped front grille reminiscent of the picturesque Iguazu Falls in South America, and horizontal Vast Cosmic Galaxy Integrated taillights, connected in one graceful stroke.

Dr. Andreas Schaaf, CEO of New Ventures at Albatha Automotive Group, commented on the launch, saying, “The Geely Preface is designed for the astute driver who sees their vehicle as more than just a means of transport – it is a symbol of their lifestyle, aspirations, personal achievement and individual expression. In every aspect, from its design to its engineering, the Preface stands as a symbol of modern luxury and technological advancement. At Geely UAE, we live up to our promise of delivering products that enhance the driving experience and cater to the aspirations and needs of modern drivers.”

Under the hood, the Preface boasts the strongest power in its class, with an efficient, but powerful 2.0TD engine mated to a seven-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission capable of delivering a maximum horsepower of 215 hp, leading the pack as the strongest in its category. Complementing this is the highest torque in its class at 325 Nm, offering drivers a blend of power, performance and dynamic handling in any driving situation.

Getting from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds, this power does not compromise on efficiency, with a remarkable fuel consumption rate of 18.7 km/l, making it the fastest vehicle in its class whilst matching strength with sustainability. The driving experience is further enhanced by the intelligent Drive-E technology, offering ECO, Comfort, Sport, and Intelligent modes to suit every driver’s preference. Performance is further enhanced by an outstanding 98% transmission efficiency, the highest among the sedan’s peers.

Venturing inside the Geely Preface, one is immediately enveloped in an environment where every detail has been crafted for comfort, safety, and aesthetic pleasure. The cabin is a harmonious blend of technology and luxury, featuring a sophisticated, best-in-class 13.2” floating centre console and a high-definition infotainment screen that offers connectivity and entertainment on the move. With a length of 4825mm, a width of 1880mm, and an impressive wheelbase of 2800mm, the Preface offers unmatched spaciousness that caters to every passenger’s comfort.

The auditory experience is elevated by an Infinity deluxe headrest audio system, creating an immersive soundstage for all occupants. The expansive, class-leading 10.2” full-colour LCD dashboard acts not just as an interface but as a window into the car’s soul, offering a seamless integration of functionality and elegance.

The unique interior design, coupled with advanced features like the CN95 antiviral high efficiency filter and air quality management system, ensures a drive that’s not just comfortable, but also clean and safe.

Safety is paramount in the Preface, which comes equipped with an extensive suite of intelligent driver assistance systems, including the pioneering L2 ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) and BOSCH ESP 9.3 edition, with the occupants surrounded by a cocoon of six airbags. These features, together with the car’s structural integrity, provide a sanctuary of safety for all passengers.

The Geely Preface packs in innovative engineering and meticulous design, making it a sound choice that offers a perfect harmony of design, aesthetics, functionality, and value. With its launch in the UAE, AGMC invites drivers to experience the future of driving with the Geely Preface, today.

The all-new Geely Preface is available now starting from AED 87,400. For more information, visit

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