February 22, 2024

Goumbook and Sanofi Champion Indoor Air Quality Initiative in the UAE

In a vital dialogue on indoor air quality, Goumbook and Sanofi hosted a think tank panel on December 12, 2023. “Invisible Challenge – Exploring the nexus of indoor air quality, public health and climate action” took place at COP28, Dubai and addressed the significant challenge of air pollution.

The discussion addressed the global health crisis caused by air pollution, the fourth leading cause of death worldwide, and its increased impact due to climate change. The “Take a Breath” initiative, a collaboration between Telfast & Goumbook, exemplifies proactive steps in the UAE. This project involves installing air quality monitors in 10 UAE schools and testing affordable solutions aiming to provide tangible proven improvements in air quality and community health.

The baseline illustrated that in:

  • 100% of schools, Fine Inhalable Particles (PM2.5) were above limit levels
  • 80% of schools, Carbon Dioxide Concentrations were above limit levels
  • 70% of schools, Total Volatile Organic Compounds were above limit levels

And already, by implementing only two of the solutions, we have significant improvement in air quality. In changing cleaning products to natural ones, VOC levels improved by 33% and by installing air purifiers, PM2.5 levels improved by 10.4%. More solutions are being tested across the school academic year.

Reflecting on the broader context of this initiative, Paul Hudson, CEO of Sanofi, stated during a separate event at COP 28 on December 2: “Celebrating our collaboration with Goumbook in the “Take a Breath” initiative, we at Sanofi are proud to contribute actively to the UAE’s progressive efforts in air quality management. This partnership, in line with the UN’s vital recognition of clean air as a basic right, showcases our commitment to reducing environmental risks. By implementing practical solutions in schools, such as improved air filtration and natural cleaning products, we’re making strides in health and safety and setting a global example for effective action against air pollution.”

As part of this initiative, Telfast is committed to combating air quality inequality, especially in communities most affected by poor air conditions. Sanofi volunteers collaborate with various organizations to improve air quality in these communities.

The think tank panel discussion featured renowned experts and policymakers discussing the initial findings of the “Take a Breath” study, which aims to set new standards for indoor air quality policies. This event represents a call to action for all stakeholders to improve indoor air quality for better health outcomes.

Mai Daoud

 Sustainability Lead for AMEA and China Region,  Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

Sanofi is proud of its longstanding legacy and ongoing commitment to make a positive social impact on our planet. We take an all-encompassing approach to sustainability that spans all vital areas of health and climate action, with the goal of leaving future generations a liveable planet. We’re pleased to reinforce our commitment to a sustainable and healthier society through our partnership with Goumbook.”

Tatiana Antonelli Abella

Founder of Goumbook

“Better living starts with better indoor air. While we may not be able to control our outdoor air, we do have the opportunity to transform the indoor air we breathe. especially considering that we spend over 90% of our time indoors. To solve this important sustainability challenge, we invite all stakeholders to come together to spread the Take a Breath message and drive action in order for us all to thrive.”

Take a Breath aims to educate and change mindsets, driving action in our homes, schools, offices, communities, and beyond. Visit https://goumbook.com/what-we-do/campaigns-and-initiatives/take-a-breath/ for more information about this project.

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