April 15, 2024

Governor Of Madinah Establishes Al-Shifa Health Endowment Fund

Governor Of Madinah Establishes Al-Shifa Health Endowment Fund:

The governor of Madinah and the chairman of the Alshifa Endowment Supervision Council, Prince Faisal bin Salman, introduced the Alshifa Health Endowment Fund on Friday in Madinah. The fund provides funding for health care for residents who don’t have access to free health care and or access to health insurance.

Improving Access to Healthcare Services in Madinah through the Al-Shifa Health Endowment Fund

By 2025, the endowment fund hopes to have accumulated assets worth SR200 million ($53.3 million), which it would use to finance endowment banks with investment returns. The fund is one of the programs started by the Al-shifa Health Endowment to give people and organizations in the private sector a chance to help the patients targeted for relief. Also, it encourages people to get involved in their communities and pushes companies in the business sector to fund projects that help non-profits grow.

The first recipient of services from the Al-shifa Health Endowment received the health coverage card from Prince Faisal during the ceremony. As the insurance card covers basic healthcare for those who are not eligible for free medical care, this service is one of the more modern examples of charitable work.

Prince Faisal witnessed the signing of nine critical agreements involving the Alshifa Health Endowment, the Health Endowment Fund, Damy (Blood Bank Friends Charity), Hayat Association, the Home Medicine Association, Kibadak (Saudi Charity Society for Liver Patients), Reaya, Bushra, Tahoor, and GlobeMed. The agreements are part of a larger effort to improve cooperation between the council and the signatories in support of the charitable health work system.

Prince Faisal also gave awards to eight endowment entities, companies, etc., that gave $21.3 million to the project to build the Al-Salam Endowment Hospital. It will be west of the Prophet’s Mosque and will have 61 beds for tourists and pilgrims. The Madinah Health Cluster, the Ihsan Charitable Platform, and the Alshifa Health Endowment will work together to achieve this.

Dr. Bandar Hajjjar thanked the governor of Madinah for his support of the Alshifa Health Endowment projects. He is the general supervisor of Endowment Investments and assistant chairman of the Alshifa Endowment Supervision Council. Hajjjar said that the Alshifa endowment efforts were high-quality and creative projects funded by the government, businesses, and non-profits. He said that they were a good addition to the health services given to people in the area and helped the Health Sector Transformation Program reach its goals of achieving sustainable health development and making sure that they meet all basic health needs of citizens, residents, and visitors in a timely and efficient way.


The establishment of the Al-Shifa Health Endowment Fund by the governor of Madinah, Prince Faisal bin Salman, is a significant step towards providing healthcare services to those who don’t have access to free healthcare or health insurance. This project shows how committed the Saudi Arabian government, businesses, and non-profits are to achieving sustainable health development and ensuring that all basic health needs are met.

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