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July 25, 2024

Gymboree Play & Music Dubai Emphasises the Need for Program for Children with Determination

Gymboree Play and Music Dubai, the pioneer in early learning and play centers emphasised the need for programs in education that also assist children with determination. Gymboree’s classes cater to the holistic development of kids with determination, providing a nurturing environment where children can thrive. Through a variety of activities, they learn crucial skills such as social-emotional, communication, and physical skills. The group setting offers inclusivity, support, and care, allowing every child to have fun and feel valued.

“Gymboree Play and Learn classes are not just about play; they are about empowerment, inclusion, and holistic development. Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive, and Gymboree is committed to making that a reality. While we encourage children to attend classes within a group, we also can offer private classes,” said Rumana Mowjee who is the Managing Partner at Gymboree Play & Music Dubai.

One of the significant advantages of Gymboree classes is the development of motor skills and enhancement of physical health. These improvements are instrumental in empowering kids to overcome challenges and lead fulfilling lives. Moreover, the social interactions facilitated during the activities contribute to the development of robust social relations. Children learn to engage with their peers, developing friendships and a sense of community.

Also, participation in Gymboree classes has been shown to reduce levels of anxiety, stress, and depression among children with determination. The combination of physical activity and social engagement creates a supportive environment that promotes mental well-being. Cognitively, Gymboree activities stimulate learning and growth in children through art, sensory play, singing, and running, they have opportunities to explore and express their emotions and feelings, fostering cognitive skill improvement.

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