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Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation and ALECSO opened the doors to entries for Hamdan-ALECSO Award

Dubai, UAE, 18 April 2023: Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance and The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), opened the doors to entries for Hamdan-ALECSO Award for Distinguished Educational Research 2023 from educational researchers in all parts of the Arab world. Research entries will be accepted from 14 April until September 4, 2023.

This award aims to recognize the noteworthy achievements of educational practitioners and to promote successful educational practices throughout the region. Hamdan-ALECSO Award strives to facilitate the dissemination of exemplary academic experiences, thereby enhancing the academic sphere’s overall value.

The awards target all researchers working in the field of education, including teachers, school principals, social and psychological specialists, and individual or group university professors.

During the opening of the 26th edition of the award, His Excellency Dr. Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Secretary-General of Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance said: “We are delighted to announce the commencement of submissions for Hamdan-ALECSO Award for Distinguished Educational Research, an award established by the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum (may his soul rest in peace). This award is a testament to his vision and commitment to advancing the education sector. The achievement of this vision can only be realized through the development of teachers’ performance and support them in preparing research and studies that reflect their experiences, expertise, and thus sharing with the education sector. The award targets workers in the educational field in all Arab countries, to provide them an opportunity to submit their research and contributions in developing the educational process in the Arab world, highlighting successful experiences, disseminating them, and benefiting from them in achieving quality and excellence in the education sector. We welcome all those interested in applying for the award and submitting their research in the educational field, to win the award and benefit from their studies and research in developing educational work, which is considered the fundamental pillar for the advancement and excellence of nations in all other fields.”

Dr. Mohamed Ould Amar, Director-General of ALECSO, said, “Hamdan – ALECSO Award for Distinguished Educational Research has been successful in highlighting the crucial role that research plays in achieving educational quality through its many stages by drawing noteworthy research that has enhanced the Arab library.  In previous years, the award received significant participation from several Arab countries, addressing a variety of significant concerns in the field of education. In order to advance the educational system in the Arab world and help the countries of the region develop and advance while achieving sustainable development, we anticipate a larger participation of researchers and those with an interest in educational research this year.”

The award winner receives a cash prize of 25,000 US dollars.  Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance publishes the winning research and distinguished research in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. In addition, the “Arab Journal of Education”, which is published by ALECSO and is a Refereed scientific journal, publishes a summary of award-winning research and distinguished research.

The entry process, which concludes on September 4, 2023, will allow participants to submit their participation electronically by visiting the award’s website, reviewing the requirements, and uploading the necessary papers. Please visit www.ha.ae  for details and application instructions.

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