December 4, 2023
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HID plans cloud setup in the GCC region to ensure data sovereignty

Region leans towards digital IDs and mobile access solutions

HID, the Austin, Texas-headquartered global leader in trusted identity solutions, exhibited at GITEX Global – the largest tech and startup event in the world – held at Dubai World Trade Centre from October 16-20, 2023.

In an interview at the mega tradeshow, Bilal Saleem, Sales Manager (MEA) at HID, summed up what sets HID apart and why the company needed to exhibit in Dubai.

Excerpts from the interview:

What differentiates HID from other players in the market?

HID Safe Enterprise is a versatile solution and one of the few vendor-agnostic identity management solutions in the industry. It integrates with over 80 access control systems and various HR sources.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of reporting options, including risk analytics and traffic analysis, all accessible in a single dashboard.

From a customer perspective, where does HID store data?

We offer both on-premises and cloud solutions. The on-premises version deploys the application on local servers, while our HID Visual Manager provides a cloud-based solution where data is stored in the cloud.

We are also working on offering localised cloud options to meet specific regional data storage requirements.

Does HID comply with data storage preferences in the GCC region?

We are open to hosting our cloud within the region to comply with regional data storage preferences. This is part of our upcoming plans, and our customers can expect localised cloud options soon.

Bilal Saleem at the HID stand at GITEX Global 2023. Image: Arnold Pinto

Why should customers choose HID?

HID Global offers a comprehensive ecosystem of trusted identity solutions that cater to organisations worldwide. Our solutions enable millions of people to transact securely and move freely across different locations.

We provide secure access and identity management solutions adaptable to various needs and scenarios.

How real are cybersecurity threats to HID’s customers?

Cybersecurity is a top priority, and we recommend a robust multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution to protect against digital threats.

With the rise of hybrid workforces and diverse device usage, deploying a robust MFA solution is essential to ensure secure access to digital resources.

What are the specific trends that HID has observed in the GCC region?

In the region, there is a significant shift towards using digital IDs and mobile access solutions for authentication. HID offers secure and versatile solutions, including mobile access cards, to meet these evolving authentication trends while ensuring security.

Can you mention some sectors that use HID solutions?

We serve clients across various sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, government, retail, and aviation. We have more than 500 deployments of HID Safe globally, helping organisations manage their identities and security.

What is HID showcasing at GITEX Global 2023?

We are showcasing HID’s physical identity and access management solutions, which we call “HID Safe.” HID Safe helps organisations manage the identities of their employees, contractors, and visitors and ensures their access to different locations.

It also includes a waste management solution. Some key challenges addressed by our solution include onboarding identities, issuing badges, centralising departments within an organisation, and integrating security policies with multiple access control and HR systems.

Why is it essential for HID to participate in GITEX Global 2023?

GITEX Global is one of the most significant events in the region, allowing us to connect with customers and partners and showcase our products through demonstrations.

Face-to-face interactions provide a unique opportunity to build relationships and create a more immersive experience than online meetings.

How is the market evolving, and how do HID’s solutions adapt?

HID’s solutions are highly scalable and can seamlessly integrate with existing systems, making them adaptable to changing market conditions. Organisations can transition from a CapEx to an OpEx model without replacing existing architecture, aiding their digital transformation efforts without downtime or additional costs.

Featured image: HID stand at GITEX Global 2023. Image: Arnold Pinto

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