June 25, 2024

HID® Transforms Ticket Validation and Fare Collection for Mass Transit

HID, the worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, today announces its latest innovation in mass transit ticket validation with the HID® VAL150 Platform Ticket Validator.

WHAT: The VAL150 is an open architecture validator featuring a multimedia ticket reader capable of processing barcodes, QR codes, closed loop transit cards, and open loop contactless EMV payments. The validator is integrated with a Linux computer and housed in a weatherproof casing, making it suitable for various outdoor public transportation environments.

This state-of-the-art ticket validator is currently used by the Milwaukee County Transit System on its CONNECT 1 BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) stations as part of the WisGo fare collection system powered by Umo® Mobility, part of Cubic® Transportation Systems.

WHY: Public transportation riders increasingly expect a seamless, technology-driven fare payment and ticketing experience. To meet this demand, agencies and operators seek to modernize fare collection processes, reduce operational costs and provide a convenient, efficient mobile ticketing system.

Riders want to board quickly and easily, which means validating tickets and paying fares on a multimedia validator before boarding. This streamlined process enhances satisfaction for both riders, agencies and operators by:

  • Accommodating various ticket types, catering to diverse preferences
  • Accelerating validation and boarding, minimizing lines and allowing riders to enter through multiple doors
  • Facilitating efficient service delivery, ensuring smooth operations and timely departures
  • Eliminating onboard cash handling, reducing costs and fraud risks

By modernizing fare collection, agencies and operators not only provide passengers with a frictionless way to pay and board, but also contribute to increased ridership.

HOW: The VAL150 incorporates HID TripTick™ technology to seamlessly read and validate a wide range of ticket types, including barcode/QR codes, closed-loop transit cards and open-loop contactless EMV payments via a single interface.

This unified functionality, combined with high performance barcode/QR code reading, makes the validator quick and intuitive to use. The VAL150’s weatherproof (IP55) and impact resistant (IK09) design enables the validator to operate continuously in outdoor settings.

Built on the same open architecture as HID’s onboard ticket validator (VAL100), the VAL150 offers additional benefits for integrators:

  • Efficient utilization of existing HID VAL100 applications, saving time and development efforts
  • Seamless integration with third-party software and existing fare collection ecosystems, ensuring a smooth deployment process and reducing overall costs

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