April 20, 2024

Hisense “Made for Ramadan” Campaign Celebrates the Essence of Ramadan

As families come together to share cherished moments during Ramadan, Hisense, the leading consumer electronics and home appliances brand, continues to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with its ongoing “Made for Ramadan” campaign. This campaign aims to enhance the essence of Ramadan by fostering moments of togetherness, joy, and reflection through its innovative products.

The “Made for Ramadan” campaign marks a significant step for the brand to connect with audiences on a deeper, emotional level.

Built on the pillars of excellence, trust, and reliability, the campaign showcases Hisense’s commitment to providing high-quality products that enhance the Ramadan experience. Hisense understands the importance of trust and reliability, especially during Ramadan, and aims to establish itself as a brand that consumers can rely on throughout the year.

Premium Products Tailored for Ramadan

Hisense enhances the Ramadan experience with its array of products designed for family moments. The Mini-LED ULED 4K TV and Hisense Laser TV deliver stunning visuals and immersive sound, perfect for enjoying much-loved Ramadan series and creating memorable gatherings. Hisense Smart Refrigerators maintain the freshness of ingredients for Iftar and Suhoor, while Hisense Washing Machines provide convenience, allowing families to make the most of their time together during Ramadan.

By emphasising the functionality and convenience of its products, Hisense positions itself as a brand that understands the unique challenges and demands of Ramadan and is committed to providing solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable for families during this special time.

Campaign Activation

The “Made for Ramadan” campaign takes a comprehensive approach to connect with consumers across various touchpoints. This includes engaging content and promotions on social and digital platforms, combined with PR efforts, point-of-sale activations, strategic partnerships, and influencer collaborations. Additionally, the campaign features special Suhoor and Iftar events for partners, in alignment with the spirit of Ramadan, fostering community connection. In line with this campaign, Hisense offers up to 30% savings on a selection of premium products, alongside extended warranties, available across multiple stores and online for customer convenience.

Join Hisense in Celebrating Ramadan

Celebrate Ramadan with Hisense and elevate your family moments with innovative technology. For more information about Hisense products and the “Made for Ramadan” campaign, visit https://hisenseme.com/

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