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July 18, 2024

Hithium Launches Eastern Europe’s Largest BESS Project

Stationary battery manufacturer Hithium has successfully deployed the largest battery energy storage system (BESS) project in Eastern Europe to date, with a capacity of 55MWh. This solar plus storage project was realized completely by EPC company Solarpro, in Razlog, Southwestern Bulgaria, where the project is located.

The new facility officially went live in early June, with the delivery of Hithium’s 16 energy storage containers, each with a capacity of 3.44MWh, to Solarpro. Solarpro is a leading technological provider of solutions for the generation and storage of energy within whole Europe.

Hithium ∞ Block 3.44MWh container

The Hithium ∞ Block 3.44MWh container is a liquid-cooled battery storage system based on Hithium prismatic LFP BESS cells with a 280Ah capacity and a high cyclic lifetime. It is specially optimized for use in stationary battery storage systems with high standards of safety, reliability, and performance. The system’s low levelized cost of storage (LCOS), combined with excellent thermal management, improves energy throughput by ensuring optimal operating temperature and high energy density. It also integrates with a thermal management system, fire protection system, battery management system (BMS), and more.

As Kelson Li, Hithium Senior Director of Sales of DACH, Northern & Eastern Europe said: “We are honored to partner with Solarpro. By providing comprehensive technical and after-sales support throughout the project lifecycle, we aim to foster local expertise and expand the network in Europe. We believe our collaboration with Solarpro will help to accelerate the renewable energy transition and make a positive impact in the region.”

Krasen Mateev, CEO of Solarpro adds: “As strategic partners in this landmark project, we are excited to collaborate with Hithium in bringing this significant BESS utility to operation. This undertaking reflects Solarpro’s dedication to advance renewable energy infrastructure in Eastern Europe, ensuring a sustainable energy future for generations to come.”

Hithium’s Commitment to the European Market

Hithium is committed to fostering a stronger and more collaborative relationship within the local European market. To this end, the company has set up a regional office in Munich, Germany, offering local support and services. Furthermore, Hithium has formed strategic alliances with other industry leaders, including Scan Global Logistics, to offer unparalleled transportation services, and CarbonX, to advance the energy sector in terms of environmental responsibility and technological advancement.

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