February 29, 2024

HLB HAMT unveils USD 100,000 scholarship for professional accounting studies

HLB HAMT, a leading UAE-based auditing, consulting, and tax advisory firm, has marked its 25th anniversary by introducing the HLB SEED (Seek, Educate, Empower & Development) project. The groundbreaking scholarship programme, worth USD 100,000, covers the cost of professional accountancy education for students of working-class parents from underprivileged backgrounds in the UAE.

The launch event was graced by HH Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, HE Younis Haji Al Khoori, Undersecretary, UAE Ministry of Finance and other dignitaries, including HLB HAMT’s clients and other stakeholders. The initiative was launched by Mr Marco Donzelli, CEO of HLB International, along with Mr Hisham Ali Mohamed Al–Taher, Chairman & Partner, Mr Vijay Anand, Founder  Partner & CEO of HLB HAMT and Mr John Varghese, Managing Partner of HLB HAMT, celebrating the organization’s journey and its commitment to community development.

The HLB SEED project is specifically geared towards those aspiring to pursue professional qualifications in accounting and finance, including certifications such as ACA (Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants), ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), and similar certifications.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr Marco said, “We are proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our operations, and the launch of the HLB SEED project exemplifies our commitment to creating positive societal impact. Education is the keystone of empowerment, and through this scholarship, we aspire to create persistent positive change in the lives of the working class and their children, fostering a community that thrives on knowledge and opportunity.”

“Moreover, this scholarship represents an investment not only in the future of the individuals it supports but also in the future of HLB itself, contributing to the growth and development of a new generation of skilled accountants who will play vital roles in the global financial landscape,” he added.

Mr Hisham Ali Mohamed Al – Taher, Chairman & Partner, said, “By facilitating the pursuit of professional accounting studies for deserving students, we are harnessing the transformative potential of education to make a real difference in the lives of all the families that will benefit from the opportunities provided by this initiative. The HLB SEED project is not merely extending financial aid, it is also unlocking gateways to a future teeming with possibilities for these talented kids. We are cultivating a skilled and diverse talent reservoir that will make substantial contributions to the ever-evolving realms of accounting and finance.”

Speaking about how the scholarship will help working-class students in the UAE, Mr Vijay said, “This scholarship initiative holds great significance for the families that belong to the underprivileged working class. It opens doors to education and professional growth, offering a pathway to success for talented students who would otherwise be unable to pursue higher education. At HLB HAMT, we believe in creating opportunities that transcend socio-economic boundaries, and the HLB SEED project is a part of that commitment.”

“We are open to applications from parents of deserving students who are ambitious learners and determined achievers. We aim to empower them to fulfil their potential to pursue a career in the accounting and finance industry. The objective is to break barriers, promote inclusivity, and empower individuals with the tools, skills, and knowledge for a brighter future,” he said.

Mr. John remarked, “The HLB SEED project is not just a scholarship; it’s an investment in the future. We anticipate that the recipients of this scholarship will not only excel in their chosen fields but will also contribute positively to the community. Our expectations are high, and we look forward to witnessing the transformative impact of this initiative.”

 “This initiative aligns with our commitment to corporate social responsibility, and we have set ambitious goals for community development in the UAE. The HLB SEED project will enable us to make a positive and lasting impact on the communities that we serve.” he added.

Beyond its CSR initiatives, HLB HAMT has become a major in the UAE’s financial landscape since its inception in 1999 in Dubai. The company has also carved a remarkable global accounting and finance niche. With a formidable presence, the company is home to 14 partners, leads in eight diverse service divisions, operates out of seven offices, and has a dedicated team of over 250 professionals in the UAE.

Over its 25 years of operation, the firm has expanded beyond the UAE, becoming an integral part of the HLB International network, a dynamic global alliance of independent advisory and accounting firms headquartered in London, UK. As a key player in this extensive network, HLB HAMT leverages professionals’ collective expertise and capabilities across 156 countries.

This global connectivity allows the firm to provide unparalleled service to clients, seamlessly combining local insights with international perspectives. Since its inception, HLB HAMT has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, consistently delivering innovative solutions that have propelled its ascent to become the seventh-largest auditing and tax advisory firm in the UAE.

The entity’s growth is a testament to its prowess in the UAE and its ability to navigate and excel in global business’s complex and interconnected landscape. HLB HAMT’s journey is marked by local achievements and its impact on the world stage.

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