May 21, 2024

Homegrown Sustainability Company Ecobee’sEco-Friendly Solutions for Corporates and Individuals

Ecobee, a homegrown brand dedicated to fostering sustainable living, showcases its groundbreaking eco-friendly products, catering to both individual consumers and corporate clients. Since its establishment in June 2022, Ecobee has been committed to offering accessible, affordable, and high-quality solutions for everyday environmental challenges.

With a mission to make quality and innovative zero waste products easily available to all, Ecobee aims to be more than just a vendor; it aspires to be a partner in the sustainability journeys of individuals and organisations alike. As the UAE celebrates 2024 as the Year of Sustainability, Ecobee takes pride in contributing to the nation’s green initiatives as a locally grown brand.

Among the innovative products offered by Ecobee are:

1. Eco Wraps

Featuring a special cushioning technology that forms a honeycomb shape when stretched, Eco Wraps provide an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic or bubble packaging. Ideal for various industries including e-commerce, furniture, florists, perfumes, cosmetics, fragileware and pharmaceuticals, Eco Wraps offer numerous benefits such as sustainability, space and cost savings, user-friendliness, reduced shipping costs, compliance with regulations, aesthetic appeal, superior unboxing experience and reusability. 

Prices start at AED 35 only, with volume discounts offered for bulk orders

2. Eco Stationery

Ecobee’s plantable stationery range offers a sustainable solution for homes, schools, offices, and events. Made from recycled paper and seed paper, the eco stationery line includes notebooks, pens, pencils, calendars, planners, colouring activity kits, invites, and business cards and can be grown into different flowers, veggies and herbs once the items use is over. By choosing eco stationery, users not only contribute to conservation efforts but also sow the seeds for a greener future. 

Prices start at AED 9 only, with volume discounts offered for bulk orders

Pet Poop Bags

Ecobee presents 100% compostable pet waste bags made from corn starch, ensuring they return to the soil within 90-180 days of being discarded. Unlike conventional options and claimed biodegradable OXO options that contribute to microplastic pollution, Ecobee’s pet poop bags offer a sustainable and leak proof solution for pet owners.

Prices start at AED 29 only, with volume discounts offered for bulk orders

Recycled A4 Copier Paper

Ecobee offers 100% A4 recycled paper, ideal for offices, schools and other large organizations that still use paper for printing. No trees are cut or harmful bleaching chemicals used in the making process. Each ream consists of 500 pages and we save around 23.5 litres of water per ream. This paper is fully printable, scannable and photocopiable and 99% jam free, tested on all inkjet and laser printers. 

Prices to be discussed as product available only for bulk orders.

These innovative products, along with a range of other eco-friendly offerings including bags made from cotton, jute, canvas, and recycled plastic, as well as various eco-gifting items made from bamboo, cork, and wheat fiber, are available for retail and bulk purchases on Ecobee’s website and select online platforms such as Instashop, Noon and for individual orders

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