February 23, 2024

HRDF and KSU Collaborate to Launch Career Counselor Training Program in Saudi Arabia

HRDF and KSU Collaborate to Launch Career Counselor Training Program in Saudi Arabia:

On Sunday, the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and King Saud University (KSU) partnered to launch a training program for job counselors at the university’s main campus. The National Career Development Association (NCDA) also took part in the project. Mohammed Al-Numay, vice-rector for educational and academic affairs at KSU, and Turki bin Abdullah Al-Jawini, general manager of HRDF, were both at the event.

Delving Into The Career Counselor Training Program

This project, which is a first for the Kingdom, intends to foster and build national capabilities in its educational and vocational training sectors. The project will also assist in the employment of national cadres in various fields. Also, it seeks to encourage community involvement in the corporate sector and advances human capacity development, one of Saudi Vision 2030’s objectives.

Al-Numay delivered a speech on behalf of KSU’s president, Badran Al-Omar. He stated that they created the program to improve the effectiveness of national workers in education and other fields. The program came to be with the help of NCDA, a specialist in international training and career development. It will aid in supporting human capacity development, which is one of the programs of Saudi Vision 2030. He praised the leadership for their support in enhancing Saudi men’s and women’s productivity.

He also said that the university’s main focus is to reach the project’s goals, which include making trainees’ outputs more effective and ensuring the project will succeed. The university wants to make a professional certification program that is the best in this field within the local area.

Al-Numay shared that he hopes the program would help reach the development goal by working with the government and private organizations to help reach the human capacity development goals of the Saudi Vision.

Al-Jawini says that the goal of the program is to improve the skills of the national workforce in the education and vocational areas. It also aims to promote sustainable employment in different fields and specializations of the labor market. This fits with one of the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.

He said that their ambitious program, which they were working on with KSU, had specific goals, including setting up a career advice foundation by training local counselors, trainers, and senior trainers. He also talked about the need to train career counselors who could help people make training and career plans and goals that fit their skills and the job market’s needs. He also stressed how vital it is to improve job counseling skills through a professional and academic journey made easier by a comprehensive training course.


The Career Counselor Training Program, launched by HRDF and KSU in Saudi Arabia, hopes to improve the country’s education and vocational training skills. In line with Saudi Vision 2030, the program aims to improve the skills of the national workforce, help people find jobs, and support the growth of human capacity.

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