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July 18, 2024

Huawei HiSec SASE Solution Wins Prestigious Network Security Innovator of the Year Award

Huawei’s groundbreaking HiSec SASE Solution has been honored with the prestigious Network Security Innovator of the Year award at the 2024 Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC). The award, jointly presented by the UAE Cyber Security Council and ITP Media Group, recognizes Huawei’s outstanding achievements in solution innovation, security capabilities, and user experience. This accolade underscores Huawei’s position as a global leader in cyber security and the recognition of its capabilities by esteemed international organizations.

As service cloudification and hybrid work environments become the norm, enterprise branch network security faces unprecedented challenges, with network security incidents rising worldwide. Huawei’s HiSec SASE intelligent network-security convergence branch security solution, built on an innovative cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated architecture, provides a comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent network security protection system for global enterprises.

The award review committee praised Huawei’s solution, stating, “Huawei HiSec SASE is a world-leading AI-powered intelligent security solution. By leveraging Huawei’s innovative cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated security architecture, this solution delivers intelligent analysis, detection, and handling capabilities, making it the ideal choice for enterprises seeking to build a robust and intelligent security protection system.”

The Huawei HiSec SASE Solution boasts industry-leading intelligent defense capabilities across cloud, network, edge, and endpoints. By harnessing the power of intelligent analysis, detection, and handling, this future-proof solution provides enterprises with a converged, intelligent network-security protection system for their branches.

On the cloud, Huawei’s Qiankun security analysis platform utilizes over 8,000 inference rules and 25 AI-trained security detection models to automatically handle 99% of network security events within seconds. The platform enables automatic correlation analysis of security events based on massive volumes of security alarms, delivering handling policies automatically and enabling rapid closed-loop handling of security events and automatic branch maintenance without the need for dedicated personnel. This results in a 100-fold improvement in operational efficiency.

Inside networks, the HiSec SASE Solution supports ultra-large networking of 16 hubs and up to 20,000 enterprise branches, catering to the multi-site and multi-data center requirements of large enterprises. Huawei’s exclusive dynamic tunneling technology, Ethernet VPN (EVPN), automatically sets up tunnels in real-time, ensuring a seamless key service experience.

At the edge, Huawei’s HiSec SASE security gateway features four dedicated built-in AI security engines, achieving an impressive threat detection rate of up to 99.9%. The gateway seamlessly integrates a range of network and security capabilities, including firewall, switching, and routing functionalities.

On the endpoint side, Huawei’s latest HiSec Endpoint intelligent endpoint security system, derived from the company’s groundbreaking HarmonyOS technology kernel, employs the industry’s first threat source tracing graph engine to accurately identify and detect 100% of ransomware threats.

With its industry-leading AI-powered defense capabilities, Huawei’s HiSec SASE Solution is the go-to choice for global enterprises seeking efficient, intelligent, and comprehensive branch network security protection while safeguarding their digital-intelligent transformation journey from end to end.

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