April 16, 2024

In the Midst of COP28, ‘One World. One Family.’ Exhibition at Expo City Dubai Echoes UAE’s Commitment to Sustainability

Amidst the highly-anticipated global discussions surrounding the upcoming COP28 conference, the Slovenian Pavilion in Dubai Expo City launched a powerful experience – the “One World. One Family.” Exhibition. This unique event, a collaboration between the Living with a Green Heart initiative by Knauf Insulation and the Hamdan Bin Mohamed Heritage Center, transcends the usual sustainability discourse and spotlights the importance of holistic sustainable living, taking visitors on an immersive journey that unveils the eco-roots of human civilisation and showcases the art of harmoniously coexisting with nature in today’s world.

The exhibition, masterfully led by traveller and author Saša Božič, guides visitors on an evocative multimedia journey across 11 geographic regions, delving into the rich tapestry of indigenous tribal life. It’s an interactive experience, where subtle prompts encourage guests to introspect and find a personal connection with the tribes’ wisdom and ways of life. Incorporating photos set behind special reflective glass, the exhibition invites a unique self-reflection, as visitors literally see themselves mirrored in the faces of the tribal people. Surrounded by black walls that conjure the depths of the earth’s womb, attendees are immersed in a tranquil, meditative space. This environment, where the external world fades into the background, fosters a profound sense of unity and interconnectedness, echoing the simple yet powerful message: “We are all connected.” It’s an experience designed to leave no one untouched, sparking a deep, resonant impact.

Nestled in the Green Zone, away from the restricted discussions of COP28, the exhibition enters its final two weeks, spotlighting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Indonesia/Bali’s indigenous wisdom and sustainable practices.

UAE WEEK: November 27 – December 3, 2023

Theme: The importance of heritage in modern UAE

Living with a Green Heart Special Event

When: November 29, 2023

Time: 5PM to 8PM

Details: Gain insights into the modern UAE’s deep-rooted heritage, featuring perspectives from H.E. Abdullah bin Dalmook, CEO of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center (HHC). From Bedouin tradition to today’s modern UAE, explore how sustainability practices have been passed on through the generations and evolved over time in the UAE, making it the leader it is today.

Storytelling Workshop on ‘The Tales of the Desert and Modern Camel Tracking’

When: November 28, 2023

Time: 5PM to 6PM

Details: Delve into a unique storytelling session with Enas Hamdy on “The Tales of the Desert and Modern Camel Tracking,” blending traditional narratives with contemporary environmental understanding.

INDONESIA/ BALI WEEK: December 04 – December 10, 2023

Theme: Circular Economy and Bali’s Sacred Water Distribution

Living with a Green Heart Special Event

When: December 07, 2023

Time: 5PM to 8PM

Details: Explore the circular economy of Bali and the sacredness of its water distribution systems, delving into a captivating exploration of sustainable practices and age-old water management in Bali’s unique cultural landscape.

Mindful Relaxation with Luh Manis

When: December 06, 2023:

Time: 5PM to 6PM

Details: Experience a serene journey with Luh Manis, a Balinese Priestess, as she guides a session of mindful relaxation, blending traditional Balinese healing with rejuvenating tranquillity in a lush, natural setting.

Yoga & Meditation with Luh Manis

When: December 08, 2023

Time: 5PM to 6PM

Details: Discover inner peace with Balinese Priestess Luh Manis in a tranquil session of Yoga and Meditation, integrating ancient Balinese spiritual practices with calming mindfulness in a serene setting.

In the midst of the vital discussions at COP28, the ‘One World. One Family.’ Exhibition stands as a beacon of reflection and connection”, said Dr. Saša Bavec, Director of the Living with A Green Heart NGO and Knauf Insulation Board member.Here, we invite visitors to not only observe, but to truly engage with the essence of sustainability – a concept that goes beyond data and technology to touch the core of our human experience. This exhibition is a journey into the heart of our shared heritage with the Earth, showcasing how each culture and community holds a piece of the puzzle in our collective quest for a sustainable future. Our aim is to ignite a spark of recognition and empathy within every visitor, fostering a deeper understanding that we, as a global family, are intricately connected to each other and to our planet. It is this realisation, this emotional connection, that can drive the meaningful change we discuss at forums like COP28.”

This must-see exhibition is a quiet yet potent force, awakening hearts to the interconnectedness of all peoples. It transcends scale and glamour, offering a still, small voice that resonates deeply with visitors from all walks of life, especially students and those open to being moved by our shared human experience. While COP28 focuses on global climate action, the “One World. One Family.” exhibition provides a vital, personal perspective on sustainability, making it an essential visit for those attending the summit and the wider public. As the exhibition enters its final weeks, it highlights the UAE and Indonesia/Bali, offering unique insights into their sustainable practices and cultural heritage, perfectly aligning with the ongoing discussions at COP28. The exhibition is an enriching journey of cultural and environmental discovery, open to the general public as well as COP28 delegates, residents, and global visitors until 12 December 2023.

Initiated by Knauf Insulation, Living with a Green Heart promotes sustainable living and a balanced approach to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Knauf Insulation, a leader in sustainable building materials, is committed to innovative, eco-friendly solutions, contributing to global sustainable development.

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