May 28, 2024
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Inaugural FOSAA Conference Makes Waves In Industry

Event Held In Venice On March 20, 2024

The debut of the Future Opportunities for Seaplanes and Amphibious Aviation (FOSAA) conference, organised by Quaynote Communications and Arena Group, has left industry insiders buzzing following its successful gathering in Venice, Italy, on March 20, 2024.

The event, marking a significant milestone for the resurging seaplane and amphibious aviation sector, drew commercial stakeholders from around the globe, affirming the pent-up demand for a dedicated industry conference.

Representatives from Asia, Europe, and the USA, the key players in the global aviation industry, gathered for the one-day affair, creating a dynamic forum for discussions on the burgeoning industry’s future.

Key themes emerged, underscored by a collective determination among sector entrepreneurs and experts to thrust amphibious aviation into the mainstream.

10 OEMs

With 10 prospective Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in attendance, the potential of new propulsion technology, composite materials, innovative aerospace design, and sustainability initiatives was palpable.

Calls for standardisation across global operations, passenger expectations, regulations, and infrastructure reverberated throughout the conference, highlighting the industry’s maturation.

Education emerged as a focal point, with attendees stressing the importance of enlightening industry regulators, investors, and mainstream aerospace stakeholders to dispel perceptions of amphibious aviation as a niche market. This emphasis on education is crucial in positioning amphibious aviation as a mainstream industry.

Representatives from diverse sectors, including aerial firefighting, commuter services, tourism, medevac, and business aviation, underscored the versatility of amphibious aircraft, showcasing its applicability across various industries.

These discussions illuminated the vast opportunities presented by emerging markets, promising economic growth and untapped potential for sustainable amphibious airframes.

Lorna Titley, Director of Quaynote Communications and conference organiser, spoke about amphibious aviation’s pivotal role in bridging connectivity gaps across water-laden regions.

“As we look to the future, this group of professionals will add a vital new offering to the global air transport network,” Titley stated.

“This event gave industry stakeholders a rare opportunity to collaborate and chart the course for progress.”

Annual Fixture

The event, marked by oversubscription and robust engagement from delegates, has laid the groundwork for an industry association and the establishment of FOSAA as an annual fixture on the aviation calendar.

This year’s event sponsors included prominent names such as Satcom Direct, Shinmaywa Industries, JEKTA, Elfly, MBVision, and Aeropuerto Nicelli.

Reflecting on the enthusiastic response, Titley expressed delight at the prospect of FOSAA’s continued growth and influence in shaping the future of amphibious aviation.

“The feedback we’ve received has been incredibly positive,” Titley concluded. We’re proud to give the sector the platform it deserves.”

Plans for next year’s conference are underway, with organisers fielding requests for sponsorship, speaking engagements, and presentation opportunities for 2025.

Featured image: The inaugural FOSAA conference is seen as being successful. Credit: Arena Group

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