April 15, 2024
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Informatica Sets Up AI-Powered IDMC Asset In Saudi Arabia

Move Aligns With Saudi Vision 2030 Objectives

Informatica, a global leader in enterprise cloud data management, has unveiled its AI-powered Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) platform in the Arabian Gulf nation.

The launch, announced on April 2, 2024, includes establishing a new Point of Delivery (PoD) in Riyadh.

The initiative, which reflects the California-based company’s commitment to supporting local, scalable, cloud-first data management services in Saudi Arabia, also advances the Saudi government’s Vision 2030 objectives, which aim to digitally empower the nation’s overwhelmingly oil-based economy across all sectors.

By embracing a cloud-first policy, the new Informatica PoD in Riyadh – which follows Informatica’s regional PoD set up in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2023 – is set to accelerate the transition of Saudi government entities from conventional IT frameworks to a more secure, cloud-based infrastructure.

Empowering Enterprises

The Informatica IDMC offers a comprehensive, cloud-native data management solution that empowers enterprises to manage, analyse, and collaborate with their data, irrespective of its location or platform.

Utilising CLAIRE AI, Informatica’s advanced AI platform, the IDMC facilitates accelerated innovation and productivity at scale for organisations.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology projects the cloud computing sector to double within the next three years, contributing an additional $13.3 billion to Saudi Arabia’s GDP. The initiative is poised to transform Riyadh into a hub of data-driven innovation in the Middle East region.

This transformation is expected to catalyse economic and digital growth throughout Saudi Arabia, aligning with its aspirations to become a leading tech hub in the Middle East, especially in the lead-up to the country hosting the World Expo 2030.

Cloud Infrastructure

Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer at Informatica, said: “Saudi Arabia is swiftly advancing towards becoming a pivotal technology hub in the Middle East, laying down a robust cloud infrastructure to support its Vision 2030 goals.

“Our significant investment in cloud, data, and AI capabilities in Saudi Arabia underscores our commitment to providing local organisations with a premier AI-powered data infrastructure.

“This will not only enable them to harness the full potential of their data but also ensure its security and governance, reinforcing Saudi Arabia’s position as a global leader in digital technology.”

Yasser Shawky, Vice President for Emerging Markets at Informatica, echoed Ghai’s sentiments, emphasising the transformative impact of the IDMC platform.

“Launching Saudi Arabia’s inaugural AI-powered IDMC platform signifies a pivotal advancement for the country. By adopting a cloud-first strategy, government bodies and organisations can innovate and make strategic decisions leveraging the extensive data available.

“This initiative marks a significant stride towards realising the leadership’s vision of transforming the Kingdom into a data-centric state.”

Featured image: The cloud computing sector is expected to double within the next three years, contributing an additional $13.3 billion to Saudi Arabia’s GDP. Credit: Su San Lee

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