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International Modern Hospital to introduce latest and smart healthcare technologies

The UAE currently leads the smart hospitals market in the Middle East, which has an annual growth rate of 13%. In lieu of the same, International Modern Hospital is all set to introduce the latest and smart healthcare technologies at its revamped facility that will provide less invasive and precise techniques with the goal of achieving better patient outcomes.

International Modern Hospital (IMH) is a tertiary multi-speciality hospital with state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in all specialities, and with capabilities of providing treatment to all types of Medical and Surgical emergencies. What set the healthcare facility apart is its unrivalled legacy in keyhole surgeries, where it is seen as the preferred referral partner for complex keyhole surgical cases in the region.

The hospital will use artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to boost the services offered at the facility. In addition, patients will have tablets in their room to communicate with medical staff and control their surroundings, patients and doctors can also communicate and monitor progress through a dedicated app.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are critical to help improve patient lives. They assist not only with predictive analytics but can also enable potentially life-saving predictions for patients. The use of emerging tech will also help short and long-term cost reduction and error prevention goals. While there is a huge investment in introduction of emerging tech, ultimately, it will improve patient care and overall efficiency,” said Charlotte Riondet, CEO of International Modern Hospital (IMH).

The UAE and Dubai in particular has always been at the forefront of innovation in tech-powered healthcare. The ongoing push for a smart infrastructure and a steady inflow of visitors has made the UAE the sixth largest medical tourism destination globally.

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