May 26, 2024

Keep the Air in Your Facility Clean with LG ERV Ventilation Solution

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In celebration of Asthma Awareness Month, LG Electronics (LG) is taking the initiative of raising awareness about the risks of asthma and highlighting how the brand’s ERV Ventilation Solution can provide tailored solutions for a more hygienic and healthier work environment. Asthma Awareness Month, observed annually in May, spreads awareness about the disease, while also educating on preventive methods. 

Studies show that around 300 million people have asthma worldwide and it is likely that by 2025 a further 100 million more may be affected. In the UAE, a recent study by the World Allergy Organization Journal showed that the incidence of asthma was 13.5%, which is attributed mainly to the presence of airborne pathologies due to the weather conditions in the country.

One of the ways to drive a reduction in these numbers is to have cleaner air, especially indoors. This is where the LG Ventilation Solution ERV comes in as an efficient solution for fresher and healthier indoor air. This HVAC solution uses multiple filters for its air filtration, which reduces the inflow of fine dust and pollutants from outside. It also comes with a Filter Contamination Alarm, which alerts users on dust clogs for timely replacement. LG’s ERV also has dedicated features to monitor and control CO2 levels. By using sensors, CO2 levels in the room are measured and continuously displayed on the screen of the remote with an alert if it exceeds 900 ppm. This information is used to control overall fan speeds, which can save up to 4.6% in energy. 

These solutions take fresh air from outdoors and reduce the pollutants in indoor air, while saving energy with its heat exchanger. As a result, there is virtually no loss of energy, both for heating and cooling. These energy saving solutions save up to 24% more energy than natural ventilation. LG’s ERV also works together with an indoor air conditioning unit, which contributes to further energy efficiency. 

The LG Ventilation Solution ERV features an automated seasonal operation, where the indoor temperature is adjusted based on the outdoor temperature that it senses, saving up to 6.1% more energy annually. Additionally, the solution also exhausts the indoor heat and supplies cool outdoor air on summer nights, which keeps it cool indoors and further contributes to energy saving. It also reduces overall heating and cooling energy loss by 0.9% by simply delaying the ERV operation, allowing it to work simultaneously with the air conditioner only when necessary.  

Available both with and without a Humidifier, LG’s ERV is the perfect solution for bringer clean and healthier air into residences, offices and public facilities including commercial areas and schools. 

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