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July 16, 2024

Laserfiche AI Document Summarization: Simplifying Content Consumption and Powering Productivity

Laserfiche — the leading SaaS provider of intelligent content management and business process automation — today announced the availability of new generative AI-powered document summarization in Laserfiche Cloud. The release represents one landmark in the Laserfiche AI vision to transform the workplace, empowering individuals to unlock the value in their organization’s content, gain control of processes and deploy AI at scale.

Organizations face the challenge of managing growing amounts of data across departments, offices and geographic locations — making it difficult to find the value hidden inside those repositories. Laserfiche AI Document Summarization achieves this by unlocking more meaningful insights into content, giving users the ability to create and share short summaries of repository entries, resulting in:

  • Increased productivity, by reducing the time it takes to identify and consume business content
  • Enhanced communication, by delivering concise meeting or project notes to team members
  • More informed decision-making, by providing business leaders with a clear understanding of complex reports, analyses or research
  • Accelerated processes, by making it easier for users to find and use relevant information

“Organizations have vast amounts of digital assets containing valuable business intelligence that often go untapped simply because of the cumbersome nature of finding and consuming information,” said Michael Allen, CTO at Laserfiche. “Laserfiche AI empowers users with tools that unlock the value in their organizations’ content and help realize the benefits of generative AI at scale. Using document summarization within the context of Laserfiche repositories which already drive so many automated processes will save significant time and costs, and boost productivity even further.”

Accessed through the Laserfiche repository, document summarization gives users the ability to leverage generative AI within the context of their organization’s information management framework. This new feature will allow organizations to streamline information processing, without losing sight of increasingly important and ever-evolving data privacy and security standards.

Laserfiche continues to bring the latest productivity-boosting technology to the Laserfiche product suite, and plans to introduce more AI-powered capabilities and innovations in the near future, including:

  • Document and sentiment analysis
  • Enhancements to search
  • Advancements in process automation creation and solution configuration
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