April 20, 2024
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Leap 71, Mimo Technik, and Astro Test Lab announce tie-up

Partnership involves computationally engineered products

Leap 71, Mimo Technik, and Astro Test Lab have joined forces to develop fully qualified aerospace products based on computational engineering.

An agreement to this effect was signed at the Additive Manufacturing User Group Conference (March 10-14, 2024) in Chicago, Illinois. This signifies a strategic collaboration between Dubai-based Leap 71, California-based Mimo Technik, and California-based Astro Test Lab.

By leveraging Leap 71’s computational systems and Mimo Technik’s expertise in metal 3D printing, alongside Astro Test Lab’s dedication to qualification and certification, the partnership aims to establish an end-to-end workflow for designing, manufacturing and validating computationally engineered products primarily in the aerospace sector, ushering in a new era of innovation and efficiency in the industry.

A milestone

The collaboration between Leap 71, Mimo Technik, and Astro Test Lab represents a milestone in advancing computational engineering within the aerospace and related sectors.

By combining expertise in computational modelling, 3D printing, and qualification testing, the trio aims to transform the design and manufacturing of aerospace products,

Josefine Lissner, Co-founder and Managing Director of Leap 71 highlighted aerospace as a primary focus, stressing the need for real-world manufacturing and testing feedback to enhance computational models.

Jonathan Cohen, CEO of Mimo Technik, echoed this sentiment, expressing the desire to elevate engineering standards and create designs that maximise manufacturing capabilities.

(L-R) Lin Kayser and Josefine Lissner founded Leap 71 in 2023, in Dubai. Credit: Lin Kayser

One notable aspect of the agreement is its compliance with ITAR/AECA regulations, enabling the three companies to undertake projects governed by US Government regulations.

This ensures the collaboration can advance US aerospace technology while adhering to strict regulatory standards.

Humna Khan, CEO of Astro Test Lab, highlighted the importance of incorporating manufacturing and testing feedback into the design process, particularly in the conservative field of space technology.

Using Leap 71’s computational approach, Astro Test Lab aims to transform the design-to-manufacturing cycle and foster a continuous innovation cycle.

From Dubai to the world

Leap 71, founded by Lin Kayser and Josefine Lissner in 2023, pioneers computational engineering. It empowers engineers to create sophisticated parts using algorithms and AI. The company’s open-source technology, PicoGK, promotes transparency and scientific rigour in computational engineering. Based in Dubai, Leap71 collaborates globally, encouraging the adoption of computational-driven design across diverse industries.

Astro Test Lab is a pivotal testing hub for aerospace primes and advanced space enterprises. Focusing on advanced materials and engineering, Astro drives advancements in design and manufacturing processes, contributing to the evolution of aerospace technologies.

Mimo Technik leads the additive manufacturing industry with bespoke solutions for high-demand sectors. Their advanced AM-Center in California houses state-of-the-art SLM printers and post-processing capabilities, enabling them to deliver vertically integrated solutions for critical aerospace programmes.

What is computational engineering?

Computational engineering leverages advanced computer simulations and mathematical modelling to analyse and solve complex engineering problems.

It integrates disciplines like mathematics, physics, and computer science to design, optimise, and predict the behaviour of engineering systems.

By simulating real-world conditions and interactions, computational engineers can enhance product performance, reduce development costs, and accelerate innovation across various industries, from aerospace to automotive.

This approach enables engineers to evaluate numerous design iterations, assess structural integrity, simulate fluid dynamics, and predict material behaviour, ultimately leading to more efficient and sustainable engineering solutions for diverse applications.

Featured image: A strategic collaboration has been signed into effect between Dubai-based Leap 71, California-based Mimo Technik, and California-based Astro Test Lab. Credit: Leap 71

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