May 28, 2024
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Life savings vanish: UAE and Middle East residents scammed in ‘like-and-earn’ scheme

After losing his job as a cleaner in Dubai, Godfrey Mugunga, 33, found himself at the crossroads. With his back against the wall, the Rwandan took a leap of faith and entrusted his entire US$2,500 (Dh9,175) savings to Sky Media, an ‘earning app’ that promised a way out. The offer seemed straightforward: Watch a YouTube video and earn a daily income of US$35 (Dh128).

This opportunity held the potential to sustain not just Mugunga, but also his family including his infant daughter. However, what initially seemed like a hopeful lifeline soon turned out to be a devastating deception, leaving Mugunga and countless others shattered, their financial futures in ruins.

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