April 16, 2024
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Lifenity Group unveils integrated clinical pathology & genomic laboratory in Dubai

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, July 06, 2023: Lifenity Group, has announced the launch of the integrated clinical pathology & genomic laboratory in the Middle East. This state-of-the-art laboratory located in Dubai will be dedicated to studying the profound impact that genome variations have on susceptibility to diseases, as well as the development and progression of diseases.

The facility, located in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT),  was inaugurated today in presence of the Chairman of Lifenity Group – Vijay Dhawangale, Managing Director –  Nikhil Karkera, and Partner – Bankim Nanavati.

Speaking about the significance of the laboratory, Vijay Dhawangale, Chairman of Lifenity Group, said: “We are proud to unveil our integrated clinical pathology and genomic laboratory, which exemplifies our commitment to revolutionize healthcare. Our integrated approach, cutting-edge technologies, and comprehensive testing services will serve patients in the field of genomic diagnostics. Through impactful research, we aim to advance preventive and predictive healthcare, making it accessible to everyone.”

Lifenity offers comprehensive testing services in-house to support patients’ complete diagnostics requirements. These services include LCMS (Complete Vitamin Profiling), haematology, biochemistry, microbiology, mycology, serology, preventive healthcare, immunochemistry, molecular, and diagnostic genomics.

The lab will study a wide range of diseases and conditions in relation to genome variations and disease susceptibility. It will utilise Illumina and Thermo-Fisher microarrays for population-scale genetic variant screening and precision medicine, as well as next-generation sequencing techniques to examine genomic variations associated with predictive healthcare, hereditary diseases, cancer, and infectious diseases. The lab will also conduct panels for cardiac and gastrointestinal risk, along with correlation studies of current health parameters.

Furthermore, Lifenity aims to complement its existing research by offering a range of genetic services for patients including routine body check-ups, predictive and diagnostic genetic tests, and disease progression monitoring. These empower individuals to identify health concerns, understand genetic conditions, confirm diagnoses, and track treatment efficacy. The group aims to promote healthy living through the continual development of need-based genetic tests.

Dhawangale added: “Lifenity is keen to collaborate with healthcare facilities in the region to deliver genetic services for predictive treatments and preventive care. As a global referral laboratory, Lifenity supports healthcare facilities by providing information, education and communication required to offer these services to patients effectively.

Nikhil Karkera, Managing Director of Lifenity, said: “Our vast experience in large-scale diagnostics, brings invaluable expertise in mass screening, diagnostics, and healthcare services. Collaborating with our experts, government agencies and technology partners strengthens the lab’s capabilities, ensuring exceptional performance.

“At Lifenity Genome Lab, accessibility and actionable genetic care are paramount. “We prioritise continuous patient engagement, offering to counsel through skilled doctors and genetic counsellors. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure patient well-being throughout their testing journey,” he further added.

Lifenity Group’s global footprint spans India,  Maldives, United Kingdom and 14 countries in Africa. The group is actively exploring expansion opportunities in European Union and Latin American regions, reinforcing its commitment to global outreach.

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