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July 20, 2024


L’Occitane Café is celebrating its fifth anniversary this November, marking half a decade of memorable experiences and culinary delights.

L’Occitane Café, the renowned culinary gem at Citywalk, is delighted to announce its upcoming fifth anniversary celebration this November. Five years of culinary excellence and unique moments have made L’Occitane Café an iconic destination for food enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

“Cruising through 5 years of happy customers, memories and culinary magic made with Provençal ingredients” says Chef Milan, Executive Chef of L’Occitane Café.

More than just a restaurant, L’Occitane Café is a hybrid concept that seamlessly blends a restaurant, a patisserie, and a retail boutique into a singular, avant-garde venue. Here, the worlds of food and cosmetics meet, reinventing the codes of beauty and gastronomy.

From the mouthwatering Black truffle tagliatelle and Risotto to Fresh Berries Granola, there is a dish to suit all tastes. Crafted carefully by the chefs’ team, L’Occitane Café’s fresh sunny dishes will take you on an ultimate culinary journey to Provence.

L’Occitane Café also offers exquisite catering experiences, bringing the same culinary excellence and unique touches to the homes of our customers for all their celebrations. L’Occitane Café’s catering services have garnered praise from reputable clients, adding a new dimension to the exceptional experiences we provide.

Whether it’s a private gathering, a milestone celebration, or a special event, L’Occitane Café’s catering services promise to elevate the culinary journey with carefully crafted dishes. From signature delights to personalized menus, always dedicated to creating memorable experiences in the comfort of your own space.

While celebrating this significant milestone, L’Occitane Café expresses heartfelt gratitude to its loyal clientele for their unwavering support throughout the past five years. Their enthusiasm has been the driving force behind L’Occitane Cafés success, and we look forward to many more years of shared culinary adventures.

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