February 22, 2024

LOGIC Consulting examines mechanisms and strategies

LOGIC Consulting, a leading regional comprehensive management consulting firm in the Middle East, evaluated the strategies and mechanism of shifting from the construction sector to real estate development in Saudi Arabia. The evaluation was done during a session titled ‘From Contractor to Developer: Leaders Navigate Their Development Journey’, which was conducted on the sidelines of the Real Estate Future Forum held in Riyadh, capital city of Saudi Arabia.

During the session, Maha Maalouf, a senior partner at LOGIC Consulting, pointed out that the Real Estate Future Forum serves as a key platform for engaging with stakeholders in the real estate industry. The forum provides a dynamic platform to share knowledge and experiences and also facilitates discussions on challenges, opportunities and industry-oriented issues. Furthermore, Maalouf highlighted the session’s goal of elucidating the difference between the construction and real estate development sectors. She also emphasised that Saudi Arabia’s construction companies aim to leverage opportunities in the real estate sector in the upcoming period, seeking a transformation from contractors to real estate development.

Furthermore, Maalouf underscored the major factors differentiating the contracting sector from the real estate development. These differences are influenced by various aspects such as organisational structure, strategies, financial and internal operations, talent management, development processes, and customer attraction and retention. She also pointed out the growing significance of adhering to governance standards to ensure corporate sustainability and continuous competitiveness. This requires studying and evaluating risks involved as well as creating internal control committees and succession planning committees.

Maalouf also emphasised LOGIC Consulting’s strong commitment to serving clients in both government and private sectors throughout the region, highlighting over 25 years of experience. The organisation has effectively managed and carried out over 1,800 projects in the areas of institutional development and transformation, corporate governance, and strategic consulting, including working with family businesses. Additionally, she noted that LOGIC Consulting cooperates directly with clients to help them get through the challenges they confront in their sectors, enabling significant changes within their companies and giving business leaders the ability to make wise and vital decisions.

Saudi Arabia places a high priority on the development of its real estate market, as demonstrated by the launch of numerous strategic initiatives and programmes that have played a critical role in bringing about significant changes in the housing industry, particularly in the organisation of the real estate market. This has improved market supply, simplified rules and made finance more accessible. As a result, such programmes and initiatives have had tangible outcomes, such as meeting rising demand in the Kingdom’s residential sector. This has consequently encouraged cooperation between developers and partners in the private sector and generated a large number of job and investment opportunities.

LOGIC Consulting established itself as a leading consulting firm, with a particular emphasis on business sustainability, one of its client’s and project in KSA is the Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, by executing consulting projects and providing creative approaches for institutional transformation.

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