April 19, 2024

London Business School Hosts Inaugural Research Symposium in Dubai

London Business School (LBS) brought together leading academics from Europe and the UAE to share the latest in finance and economic thinking at its inaugural LBS Middle East Research Symposium (MERS).

The conference, held yesterday (14 February) at the School’s Dubai campus, centred on ‘Research Insights for a Volatile Economic Environment’. Academic experts from the University of Sharjah, the University of Dubai and the London School of Economics were invited to share their work alongside LBS faculty, as part of the School’s ongoing commitment to supporting the UAE’s knowledge economy.

Symposium sessions covered various topics, including ESG in private equity, central bank disclosures, accounting conservatism in private and public firms, and value-driven multidimensional welfare analysis.

LBS Professor of Accounting Florin Vasvari presented new findings that showed a positive correlation between heightened ESG disclosures by private equity firms and accelerated fundraising success, coupled with an increase in capital raised.

Research presented by LBS Associate Professor of Accounting Aytekin Ertan showed the impact of “collateral haircuts” (where the riskiness of a bond and thus its issuer is updated by central banks) and their ability to both influence market performance and predict future performance.

Oded Koenigsberg, Professor of Marketing and Executive Dean of LBS’s Dubai campus, said, “London Business School is proud to bridge the gap between research in Europe and the Middle East, and facilitate meaningful discussions and collaborations that transcend geographical boundaries. Our commitment to academic excellence and global impact underscores the significance of events like this inaugural research symposium at our Dubai campus.”

Florin Vasvari, Professor of Accounting and Conference Chair of the LBS Middle East Research Symposium, said, “Our faculty’s commitment to first-class research is the beating heart of London Business School. The symposium showcased the depth of our intellectual capital and highlighted the School’s commitment to making a profound impact on the world through meticulous research.

“We believe fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange is essential for addressing complex challenges such as climate change. By bringing together esteemed experts from Europe and the UAE, and facilitating meaningful discussions, we aim to contribute to academic excellence and real-world solutions, emphasising our dedication to shaping a brighter and more sustainable future.”

The cutting-edge research showcased during the symposium will help develop tools and guidance for businesses and investors worldwide, enriching entrepreneurs and private capital investors within the LBS community and beyond.

The day concluded with closing remarks from Professors Koenigsberg and Vasvari, followed by a reception and networking event and dinner.

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