June 16, 2024

Longevity Hub Celebrates 5 Years of Empowering Wellbeing with a 150 KM Mountain

Longevity Hub, the pioneering performance and recovery habitat, dedicated to empowering individuals to ‘Age Well and Live Better’, proudly announces its 5-year anniversary celebration with a remarkably challenging 153 KM desert run by its founder, Dani Afiouni. The run will commence on May 27th, 2024, from the highest point in the UAE culminating at Al Qudra race track, showcasing Longevity’s commitment to holistic wellbeing and mental health. Longevity Hub  provides the space, technology, and talent for individuals to spend time in good health and to proactively manage their well being. Combining cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge, Longevity offers a range of innovative protocols including Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Hypoxic Altitude training, Red Light Therapy, Full Spectrum Light Therapy, Sound and Light Frequency Therapy, Ionic Hydrotherapy, Cold Water Immersion Ice Bath, Infrared Sauna, Compression Lymphatic Drainage, Magnetic Field Stimulation, and Quantum Body Scanning providing individuals with a wealth of data, analytics and actionable insights enabling people to act on their health and wellbeing..

Founded in 2019 by Dani Afiouni, an avid mountaineer and endurance athlete, Longevity Wellness Hub is a first-of-its-kind concept born out of a passion for adventure and the vision to provide everyone with key recovery techniques to enhance their well being ultimately allowing them to perform better. Longevity was the first business in the region to operate a 3-way business model: a wellness hub, a manufacturer of the #1 ice bath in the region ICEX™, and the first business to launch the first and only ice bath mobile unit in the Middle East Region. Additionally, Longevity was the first in the region to combine performance, wellness and data and analytics technology and methods.

In celebration of its anniversary, Dani Afiouni will embark on a challenging 153 KM desert run, traversing a pure straight line route from the UAE’s highest point  to Al Qudra, unless encountering natural obstacles such as lakes or mountains, where he will go around them eventually increasing the distance and making self navigation more challenging. Afiouni will attempt this feat, unsupported and will  carry his own supplies, including  food, and sleeping gear; navigating a mixed mountain trail as well as open desert between Ras Al Khaimah, and other Northern Emirates and Dubai.

Longevity Hub invites the UAE community to join Afiouni across various legs of the run. For each participant, Longevity will donate AED 100 to the Emirates Society of Child Mental Health, a professional society dedicated to advancing clinical services, research, and education pertaining to child and adolescent mental health in the UAE, aligning with Longevity’s commitment to mental health as central to overall well being.

Dani Afiouni, Founder and CEO of Longevity Hub, stated, “Founding and Growing Longevity Hub will always be a lifetime passion. Spending time in good health, training consistently and recovering smartly using technology enabled and prepared me to achieve mountaineering and endurance sports feats around the world, these past 15 years. It has been a wonderful journey that taught me compassion, inspiration and hard work and what it truly means to never substitute long term happiness with short term pleasures. As we celebrate 5 years of Longevity Hub, I am proud of the work the team has done here as we continue our unwavering pledge to our community to always provide the habitat, the tech and the talent for people to spend time in good health. We want everyone to Age Well and Live Better. I am honored to embark on this 150 KM desert run, powered by all our methods and recovery tech at Longevity, symbolizing our commitment to empowering individuals to take control of their wellbeing. This journey reflects our belief in the power of holistic health and our dedication to promoting mental health as a cornerstone of wellness.”

Dani Afiouni himself is an avid explorer and adventurer having done various well-known expeditions and marathons, from climbing more than 15 peaks around the world, including, Mount Mont Blanc, Mount Vinson Antarctica, Mount Kilimanjaro Africa, Mount Carstensz Pyramid in AustralAsia, Mount Elbrus in Russia, Mount Kazbek in Georgia, Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, Mount Toubkal Morocco, Mount Denali North America, including the highest 6 summits in the world  the Everest Marathon, the highest marathon on the planet, the 250KM survival race in the Amazon, the 100KM in Al Qudra track, the 50KM Al Marmoum Ultra Marathon, the 7 marathons 7 continents (including Antarctica) in 10 days in 2015, the North Pole Marathon in 2016, and many other marathons on the world stage..

In its five-year journey, Longevity has forged enduring partnerships with key UAE brands including Dubai Police, Emirates Platinum, and Abu Dhabi Adnoc Marathon, among others, underscoring its commitment to promoting wellness in the community.

For more information on Longevity Wellness Hub and its anniversary celebration, visit @longevity.wellness.hub on Instagram.

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