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July 19, 2024

LTIMindtree and Snowflake Strengthen Joint Commitment to Enable Enterprises to Accelerate AI Adoption Journey

LTIMindtree [NSE: LTIM, BSE: 540005], a global technology consulting and digital solutions company, today announced the launch of, LTIMindtree’s cutting edge enterprise ready AI platform, on the Snowflake AI Data Cloud. This new integration further enhances LTIMindtree’s AI capabilities, unlocks unparalleled flexibility and accelerated development, for our clients to harness the power of AI. By combining’s customizability, scalability, and intuitive user interface with Snowflake’s top-tier capabilities, enterprises can swiftly transform their applications.

The collaboration brings together’s capabilities of proactive governance and guardrails coupled with enterprise grade models such as Snowflake Arctic LLMs;’s FinOps features, including rate limiting, token budgeting, and reporting, enhance the usability and efficiency of the LLMs that Snowflake Cortex AI is bringing to the table with access to industry leading LLMs like Mixtral, LLaMA 3, and Gemma; by leveraging Snowflake,’s navigator applications accelerate the GenAI journey. These pre-built apps simplify AI deployment, enabling organizations to roll out solutions effortlessly.

Ashish Varerkar, Vice President & Head, Canvas AI, LTIMindtree, said, “LTIMindtree is thrilled to announce the launch of on Snowflake. Leveraging foundations like Snowflake’s Cortex AI, along with supported LLMs and fine-tuning capabilities, we empower customers to select the right LLM models for their business use cases. Our core competencies include content moderation, outcome validation for LLM-based apps, and seamless orchestration of capabilities within organizations. With, building LLM-based apps becomes remarkably easy for end users, harnessing the full potential of underlying capabilities.”

Rithesh Makkena, Global Partner SE Leader, Snowflake, said, “As Snowflake accelerates the AI journey for both our product and customers, we recognize a common concern: selecting the right model for specific business use cases. helps address this challenge with customizable parameters, empowering users to make better-informed choices without excessive costs. Beyond model selection, helps ensure robust governance and security.”

Together, this collaboration will create a robust ecosystem for enterprise AI deployment and transform AI-driven ideas into production. Now, access Snowflake’s Cortex AI, Snowflake Arctic and dedicated app gallery all within

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