June 25, 2024

M42 unveils expert guidance for quitting smoking this World No Tobacco Day

In honor of World No Tobacco Day, M42, a global tech-enabled health powerhouse, is shining a spotlight on combatting tobacco addiction through its extensive network of smoking cessation clinics and programs across the M42 group. The annual awareness day, run by the World Health Organization (WHO), raises awareness about the health risks of tobacco use and advocates for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption worldwide.

The WHO reports that tobacco smoking is responsible for around 7.2 million deaths annually. The WHO also notes smoking is a major risk factor for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, over 20 different types or subtypes of cancer and many other debilitating health conditions. Its harmful effects also extend to those exposed to secondhand smoke, like children, who could inhale over 250 toxic and cancer-causing chemicals, highlighting the urgent need for effective smoking cessation programs.

Safeya Al Mqtri, Deputy Group Chief Operating Officer at M42 and Chief Executive Officer at Mubadala Health Dubai said, “World No Tobacco Day is the perfect kick-start to stop smoking. Our smoking cessation clinics provide practical advice and comprehensive support at every stage of an individual’s journey to overcome and break free from tobacco addiction. M42 believes in prioritizing health, not just healthcare, enabling individuals to lead healthier lives.”

Proactive tips for quitting smoking:

Omar Al Naqbi, Chief Executive Officer for Healthpoint said, “Quitting smoking can be profoundly empowering and significantly reduces the risk of numerous life-threatening health conditions. However, it can also be extremely challenging. With proper preparation, the chances of success increase significantly.”

Top tips from Omar Al Naqbi:

  1. Start by setting a quit date within the next two weeks, ideally linked to a special occasion or a time when you won’t be at work.
  2. Tell your family, friends and co-workers about your plan so they can support you and understand any changes in your mood.
  3. Remove all tobacco products and smoking-related items from your home, car and workplace to minimize temptation.
  4. Plan for potential challenges, such as increased stress or withdrawal symptoms, like headaches and strong urges to smoke and think ahead about how to handle these moments.

Consult your doctor for additional support; including advice, medication, or referrals to a smoking cessation program. Professional help can significantly improve your chances of quitting successfully.

M42’s network of smoking cessation clinics and services is strategically located across several world-class healthcare facilities, providing personalized and innovative solutions to help people quit smoking:

  • Healthpoint Hospital: offers a comprehensive smoking cessation clinic that utilizes the latest scientific techniques, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to overcoming nicotine addiction.
  • Mubadala Health Dubai: The comprehensive smoking cessation program takes a holistic approach to help individuals break free from tobacco addiction, with a focus on behavioral change.
  • Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children: Committed to community health and well-being, it provides essential support and education through its smoking cessation clinic.
  • HealthPlus Diabetes and Endocrinology Center: Offers a customized plan to assist smokers to quit, leveraging advanced medical technologies for tailored treatments.

For more information about M42’s smoking cessation programs and activities call the quit line on 02 419 4984.

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