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July 18, 2024

Maxon One Spring 2024 Release Packs Particle Power, Toon Shading, and More

Maxon, developers of professional software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers, visual effects artists, and creators of all types, today announced a game-changing update to Maxon One.

Motion designers, broadcasters, VFX artists, and more rely on Maxon One to promote products, frame shows, and realize clients’ visions. And, just in time for NAB, this spring release is packed with new creativity-boosting upgrades and tools, including Cinema 4D Particles, NPR rendering in Redshift, and Red Giant Geo.

Feature Highlights Include:

Cinema 4D 
Cinema 4D 2024.4 empowers 3D VFX artists and motion designers to create complex scenes with ease.

  • Design particle simulations intuitively with new Cinema 4D Particles! Integration with C4D’s Unified Simulation systems allows artists to control emission patterns, modify behaviors precisely, and orchestrate interactions with Maxon’s collection of simulation types, including Pyro, Cloth, soft bodies, and rigid bodies. Render particles scenes with Redshift, or cache and export them via Alembic. New Cinema 4D Particles presets are available in the Asset Browser, giving artists creative options for starting any project.

Redshift 3.6.0 features non-photorealistic rendering (NPR), more flexible Standard Volumes, support for AMD graphics, alpha mask support for Redshift area lights and more.

  • Render NPR line and toon looks in Redshift with new non-photoreal-render options, including a Contour node, a Toon Material node for cel shading, and a Tonemap Pattern shader for half-tone shading and other screen-space, grid-based shading styles.

Red Giant 
Red Giant 2024.2 features Red Giant Geo, a new tool that lets users texture, light, and clone 3D objects in After Effects. Rendering performance in Trapcode Particular has been improved significantly and there are new custom blur maps for Bokeh, as well as improvements to Looks’ UI.

Maxon One subscribers enjoy access to the expansive Maxon Capsules library, which includes a wide variety of assets to help kickstart any project. In addition to the library of Adobe Substance 3D materials Maxon released in partnership with Adobe recently, this release includes many great new additions such as Ivy Generator, Partition Modifier and Wood Floors Vol. 01.

Updates to Cineware for Unreal make it easier than ever to transfer materials between Cinema 4D to Unreal. Use Direct Link, and there’s no need to save files to disk when transferring. Note: Only works with Unreal Engine 5.0 and beyond and requires Cinema 4D 2023.0 or later versions.

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