April 16, 2024

MBC DREAM celebrates Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day

This Founding Day, DREAM, the biggest trivia competition in the Middle East launched by regional media conglomerate MBC GROUP, is giving Saudi Arabia participants an exclusive chance to enter its next $100,000 draw for free.

For 18 years and counting, the trivia competition has been inspiring millions of dreamers across the Arab World, igniting their hope of becoming the next winner, or better, millionaire. Through thrilling trivia challenges, DREAM provides a progressive and knowledge-enhancing user experience that unlocks access to life-changing draws, while also contributing to supporting commendable causes. Thousands of winners over the years have seen their dreams come true, whether they were aspiring to save money, own a new house, buy a new car, cover their children’s education expenses, secure their retirement plan, or embark on new entrepreneurial ventures.

In 2024, DREAM has come back with cash prizes worth $3.8 million, including weekly $5,000 in-app prizes; a $100,000 cash prize on the first Thursday of every month; and two big draws worth $1 million each in June and December. With so many year-round prizes, DREAM maximizes participants’ chances at winning, enabling them to achieve their goals and bring their dreams to life.

While regular participation to the DREAM competition usually occurs via the DREAM App for a minimal fee, this Founding Day, DREAM is celebrating the occasion by offering participants a FREE entry to the March $100,000 draw when registering up until the 22nd of February through the below link. The initiative aims at giving the audience in the Kingdom more chances to win, granting a wider pool of dreamers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cash a reward that would change their lives forever, fulfil their aspirations, and motivate them to dream bigger.

DREAM aims to provide participants with a seamless user experience by offering them a world of unlimited wins in just a single click available either on both Apple and Android stores by downloading the Dream App or through dedicated Premium SMS across the Arab world. DREAM shatters the limits of possibility, turning dreams into absolute realities!

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