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July 20, 2024

MBRF presents valuable knowledge insights during 3rd and 4th days of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) continued to host a series of engaging events and knowledge-based programs during the third and fourth days of the 33rd Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF). The programs aimed to offer participants valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of knowledge, alongside opportunities for engaging discussions and relevant workshops to enrich their understanding.

In a session focused on ‘Copyrights and Digital Solutions’ within the ‘Knowledge Lounge,’ Mohammed Al Matrooshi, interviewed by Majd Al Shehhi, delved into topics, including content recreation processes, copying, and the role of collective management organizations in managing rights. In addition, the Knowledge Lounge hosted a session titled ‘Read, Build, Enjoy: The Lego Cube Strategy for the Development of Reading, Understanding, Reading Assimilation and Higher Thinking Skills,’ presented by Yasmin Saadeh. ‘Al Matn Al Majhool’ was presented by Sayed Mahmoud, in a session that featured an inspirational dialogue with Dr. Zainab Al Qaysi. Additionally, ‘The Literary Genius and the Reality of Arabic Literature’ symposium was presented by author and novelist Waciny Laredj and moderated by Hussein Darwish.

As part of the ‘KnowTalks’ initiative, the MBRF organized a discussion titled ‘Oceanpreneurs: Exploring Opportunities in the Blue Economy,’ in which Marina Antonopoulou, Senior Director and Chief Officer of Climate and Nature Conservation, Emirates Nature WWF, contributed her expertise to the session, shedding light on the significant initiatives undertaken by Emirates Nature-WWF. The session explored the concept of the blue economy, emphasizing the necessity for urgency in shifting towards a sustainable economic model and driving efforts in environmental conservation.

The MBRF’s Digital Knowledge Hub (DKH) hosted Dr. Khaled Abdel Fattah, Advisor of Knowledge and Digital Solutions at the MBRF, for a discussion titled ‘Effective Reading Strategies.’ Moreover, Dubai International Writing Program (DIPW) conducted an interactive seminar on novel writing and story crafting titled ‘From the Idea to Paper,’ featuring Dr. Shahla Al Ujayli moderated by Hussein Darwish. Furthermore, the Publishing and Distribution Department organized a knowledge session titled ‘Similarities and Analogies in Grammar by Al-Suyuti: An Approach to Terminology, Methodology, and Investigation,’ with Dr. Hail Altaleb and Dr. Abdul Majeed Ahmed Falah as speakers and moderated by Najla Ahmed Almutawa.

On the fourth day of the ADIBF, the MBRF continued to promote a knowledge-oriented atmosphere by hosting the ‘Coffee and Book’ session under the Knowledge Lounge initiative. The key focus of the session was to encourage a culture of reading and introduce new publications. In addition, it organized an interactive session titled ‘Reader and Knowledge Scene’, which was moderated by Sikab Swairjo, with the active participation of renowned authors Maryam Naser and Noura Kamali. The MBRF also arranged another session under the title ‘Financial Awareness in the Digital Age’ based on the presentation by the instructor Maha Habib. The event also witnessed an insightful discussion between Dr. Nafi Al-Yasi and Rolla Al-Banna, in a session titled ‘Al Fares Al-Shahm: Stories to be Told’.

In addition, the KnowTalks organized a knowledge-rich discussion under the title ‘Green Investment Growth’. The session witnessed the active participation of Shargiil Bashir, Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President, First Abu Dhabi Bank, as he highlighted the concept of green investment, which indicates low-carbon investments linked to renewable energy, clean and environmental technology, and sustainability-related markets.

During the event, DIPW held a panel discussion titled ‘From Writing to Success’. The session, which was moderated by Hanadi Al-Enais, convened writers Amal Jamea and Dana jayrudi who are both graduates of DIPW. Furthermore, the Digital Knowledge Hub hosted another panel discussion titled ‘How AI will Affect Libraries’ with Dr. Khaled Abdul Fatah, as its key speaker.

The exhibition also witnessed a distinctive involvement of the ‘Bil Arabi’ initiative which organized two interactive sessions. The first session presented by Dr. Mohamed Habash, with the participation of Kenan Harb, focused on the title ‘Prospects for Academic Publication in Arabic on the SCOPUS’. The second session, titled ‘Arabic Narrative Encyclopaedia’, was presented by Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim who was interviewed by Muhammad Al-Ali in the presence of a large number of writers and critics, led by Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC).

The MBRF seeks to host more knowledge sessions and meetings covering diverse fields including knowledge, science, literature, and arts, in line with its extensive knowledge program held throughout the ADIBF, which runs until 5 May 2024.

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