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MBRF signs MoU with Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation

January 26, 2023- The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCMR) to foster bilateral collaboration in the media sector. The MoU was signed by His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF, and Karam Gabr, Head of the SCMR, in the presence of members of the Foundation.

The MoU comes as part of the keenness of MBRF and SCMR to promote and improve the existing strategic partnerships, as well as combine the efforts of the two parties to cater to the requirements of clients of all categories, in a way demonstrating a positive and constructive reflection on the economic and social levels.  In addition, the MoU reflects the interest of the two sides to ensure optimum management of their knowledge resources, by joining forces with various entities to launch initiatives, and conducting forums and research as well as knowledge awards.  Through this partnership, the parties aim at laying the foundations of a supportive institutional culture for knowledge exchange, offering the employees and clients the opportunities to leverage the expertise of top leadership and explore distinctive administrative practices.

H.E. Bin Huwaireb said: “The signing of the MoU highlights the significance of knowledge and media collaboration with Egypt, and it comes as part of keenness to promote knowledge partnership with the SCMR. Additionally, the MoU serves as a framework for enhancing collaborations to employ our expertise and capacities in supporting knowledge empowerment and the exchange of skills, methods and best practices. The Egyptian media plays a pivotal role in raising awareness among members of society by providing them with practical knowledge and life experiences. We, at MBRF, look forward to further reinforcing our partnership with SCMR and expanding its prospects to positively impact the knowledge and media fields and consolidate the bilateral relations between the two countries.”

Karam Gabr said: “We are truly delighted to partner with MBRF to highlight the collaboration framework for media in various knowledge fields between the UAE and Egypt in the coming years. The MoU marks a significant step in our journey to leverage the potential of knowledge, innovation, and creativity in order to improve the media ecosystem, explore different ways to further develop it and mitigate the challenges that would target the youth. In addition to exchanging expertise in various media and knowledge fields in both countries, and combining the efforts to promote knowledge, we are confident about the positive outcomes of this partnership, as both parties share a common stance in promoting knowledge among youth and confronting their issues.”

The MoU targets to set a framework to effectively collaborate and achieve the parties’ common strategic goals, in order to boost the bilateral relations between the nations. It also aims to empower the Arab youth and build their capabilities and skills, to help them attain various levels of success. Furthermore, the MoU will also encourage the participation of the Council in the International Day of the Arabic Language, oversee the competition organised to select the best research presented in Arabic by individuals in the media industry.

The MoU aims to promote activities in the field of knowledge that will empower the Arab youth both regionally and globally, in addition to promoting events and initiatives of the two parties, through their social media handles and any other promotional channels available as well as the participation in events agreed by them.

On the sideline of the signing ceremony, H.E. Jamal bin Huwaireb and Karam Gabr addressed ways to work together to ban foreign platforms, social media sites, and video games that broadcast content offensive to Arab culture, customs, and traditions. During the discussion, the two parties also looked into the prospects of collaboration between Egyptian-Emirati media during COP28, which will be hosted by the UAE. The meeting also shed light on the steps to be taken based on the statement issued by the Sharm El-Sheikh Conference, the projects to be implemented for African countries and the fair distribution of funding.

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