March 5, 2024
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Milestone Systems prioritises ‘technology for good’

Danish firm showcases advanced innovations at Intersec 2024 in Dubai

Milestone Systems, headquartered in Denmark, is a global leader in open-platform video management software. Founded in 1998, the company has consistently pioneered innovative solutions for surveillance and security, empowering organisations across the globe to manage and analyse video data effectively.

Milestone’s open architecture approach facilitates seamless integration with various third-party applications, ensuring flexibility and scalability for tailored security solutions.

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Committed to driving advancements in data-driven video technology solutions, Milestone Systems has earned a reputation for reliability and cutting-edge solutions. It is a trusted partner for businesses and institutions worldwide in their quest for advanced video management and surveillance capabilities.

Under CEO Thomas Jensen, the company delivered double-digit growth in 2022 – with a net revenue of $219,202,095 – and seeks to double its 2021 revenue by 2026.

The Milestone Systems pavilion at Intersec 2024, with 12 allied technology partners. Image: Arnold Pinto

In an exclusive interview at Intersec 2024 held at Dubai World Trade Centre (January 16-18, 2024), Paul Park, Regional Director for the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey at Milestone Systems, delved into the company’s latest showcase of innovations and its market position in the Middle East.

The interview also explored Milestone’s collaboration with technology partners, the significance of its solutions for global and regional customers, and the challenges faced in deploying cutting-edge technology in culturally sensitive regions.

Excerpts from the interview:

What is Milestone Systems showcasing at Intersec 2024?

At Intersec 2024, we proudly present diverse technologies through our 12 technology partners. These solutions encompass advanced video analytics, access control, facial recognition, and more.

The unique aspect lies in our commitment to featuring different partners at each event, emphasising the varied applications and benefits of integrating with Milestone. Notably, we introduce innovations like integrating City Police applications, a first for Intersec, highlighting the broad range of use cases associated with law enforcement.

The City Police platform is a new cutting-edge solution from Milestone. Image: Arnold Pinto

What is the concept of City Police and how does the new platform integrate with Milestone’s solutions?

City Police integration is a testament to Milestone’s open platform, allowing seamless collaboration with various technologies essential for law enforcement. This includes surveillance cameras, command-and-control platforms, public safety answering points, and even integration with intelligent transportation systems.

We also highlight the integration of IoT sensors, such as acoustic gunshot detectors, highlighting our adaptability to diverse needs, even beyond the UAE.

Milestone Systems leads in open-platform video management software. Image: Arnold Pinto

How does Milestone address the cultural sensitivities of Middle East-based customers in its offerings?

Cultural sensitivity is a core consideration for Milestone. In instances like training systems, we may use synthetic data instead of real-world data to respect cultural norms.

Our commitment to “technology for good” emphasises ethical practices, ensuring that our solutions adhere to guidelines prioritising respect for individuals’ privacy and cultural values.

Milestone is a trusted vendor for advanced video management and surveillance capabilities. Image: Arnold Pinto

What is Milestone’s market position in the Middle East, and how do you plan to maintain and enhance it?

Milestone holds a strong market position in the Middle East, with the UAE serving as our regional headquarters.

We continuously strive for innovation and expansion, ensuring that Milestone remains embedded in regional solutions.

Our growth in 2023 exceeded the market average, driven by new showcases and solutions like integrating City Police, indicating our commitment to retaining and enhancing market share.

Milestone spearheads advancements in data-driven video technology solutions. Image: Arnold Pinto

What are the growth areas for Milestone in the MENAT region?

While acknowledging challenges in certain regions like Egypt, we identify Saudi Arabia as a significant growth area.

Our presence in Saudi Arabia and ongoing and upcoming mega projects position Milestone to play a crucial role in providing border protection surveillance solutions. We aim to be a key player as the Kingdom expands and evolves.

Milestone celebrates its 26th anniversary in 2024. Image: Arnold Pinto

With rapidly changing technology trends, how does Milestone operate, especially in AI?

Milestone recognises customers’ challenges with evolving technology trends like AI. We offer a range of solutions, from on-premises options to hybrid models, ensuring flexibility and compliance with regional regulations.

Our AI Bridge technology simplifies integration with various AI developments, making it easy for customers to harness the benefits of AI without unnecessary complexities.

Milestone branding at Intersec 2024 in Dubai. Image: Arnold Pinto

How vital is the Middle East region to Milestone’s overall strategy?

While not in the top three globally, the Middle East is crucial for Milestone within the EMEA region.

The potential for growth, especially in Morocco, Egypt, and Qatar, positions the Middle East as a critical focus area. Milestone aims to leverage innovative opportunities and highlight solutions in these growth markets.

Milestone branding at Intersec 2024 in Dubai. Image: Arnold Pinto

What parameters does Milestone prioritise when developing new data-driven video tech solutions?

Milestone prioritises a “technology for good” approach, ensuring that ethical considerations and user privacy are paramount in solution development.

The emphasis on using synthetic data during system training reflects our commitment to minimising errors and enhancing the overall reliability of our technologies.

(End of interview).

According to Milestone Systems, two pivotal trends – synthetic data and responsible technology – are taking centre stage in 2024, reshaping the landscape of the data-driven video technology industry.

Synthetic data

Addressing the critical need for accurately labelled training data in video analytics software, Milestone Systems has spotlighted synthetic data as a groundbreaking solution.

Unlike data sourced from real-world scenarios, synthetic data is artificially generated, offering a promising remedy to bias issues that may compromise software effectiveness and ethical standards.

By injecting diversity into the training data, synthetic data effectively minimises bias and ensures precise labelling from its inception, mitigating inaccuracies arising from human error in manual labelling processes.

In addition, this innovative approach safeguards individual privacy by using accurate consumer information with explicit permission or compensation, thus addressing consent-related concerns.

Milestone was a prominent global exhibitor at the 25th edition of Intersec in Dubai. Image: Arnold Pinto

Responsible technology

As the video surveillance landscape evolves with the power of AI, responsible technology is emerging as a central theme in 2024, emphasising responsible innovation, considering the speed of technological advancements and their ethical implications.

While data-driven video technology continues to shape the security industry’s roadmap, it is crucial to underscore the importance of the human element. Milestone Systems emphasises that software is a peripheral tool for monitoring and analysing video scenes, with human intervention playing a pivotal role as ‘human-in-the-loop.’

This approach ensures that analysis is verified and informed decisions are made, maximising the value of AI-driven security solutions, and reinforcing the goal of creating a safer world.

The convergence of AI and human expertise in video surveillance is poised to revolutionise safety and security. In light of this, embracing data-driven video technology and understanding its strategic evolution becomes crucial for organisations preparing to navigate the imminent AI-driven trends in 2024 and beyond.

Featured image: Paul Park says the Middle East is a critical market for Milestone Systems. Image: Arnold Pinto

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