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Natural Ingredients Powering LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Self-Preserving Skincare

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 2023: LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics have been created using fresh and natural ingredients, with the aim to create effective skincare products, for well over forty-five years. LUSH strives to make products that care for the skin’s barrier with minimal interference to the skin’s natural microbiome. Enter the self-preserving skincare, which is specially formulated to stay fresh without synthetic preservatives.

Harnessing the powerful properties of nature to deliver highly effective and innovative cosmetics, LUSH manages to produce self-preserving skincare to support and protect the microbiome. LUSH skincare products are formulated to amplify the super-powered abilities of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, butter, and essential oils. The ingredients are expertly combined to create self-preserving formulas to give the skin great effects with minimal interference to the microbiome which has an important immunological role. Some of the well-loved self-preserving skincare includes Mask of Magnaminty, Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser, Argan Facial Oil, and Peace Moisturizer to name a few.

The microbiome is the community of resident microorganisms that protect the skin against pathogens. While the effects of preservatives on the microbiome are not yet fully clear, LUSH strives to use minimal amounts below legal maximums, or not at all. LUSH achieves this with clever formulation, a fast dispatch from factories, and short shelf lives. 

“It is important to look after the helpful microflora that lives on our skin and defend against invading bacterial pathogens. We use minimal preservatives in our products when we have to and we have been working hard to remove preservatives from products wherever we can over the decades. These versions are just as effective with all the goodness and no preservative content.” Comments LUSH co-founder and product inventor, Helen Ambrosen.

The self-preserving line of skincare from LUSH are super-powered with skincare ingredients that do as much good in the world as they do for the skin. Lush ingredients are organic, sustainably sourced, and align with Fair Trade.

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