February 26, 2024

Neom Enters Agreement To Transform Sustainable Food Production

NEOM, the innovation hub in northwest Saudi Arabia, is working with CARE, a global organization founded by Italian chefs Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti, to transform sustainable food production. Through this partnership, they hope to create NEOM’s unique culinary identity in which food is treated ethically from the farm to the plate. Together, they want to inspire the next generation of Saudi chefs to bring about change by making dishes with fresh, local ingredients that are both tasty and innovative.

NEOM Smart City and CARE

NEOM smart city and CARE will create educational programs and content to help people learn more about healthy eating. They will also write a manifesto for food industry professionals explaining the principles of sustainable cuisine and food security. 

In order to help Saudi talent grow, the collaboration will set up chef camps and other training programs. It will also start a program to give awards to the best examples of new ideas in the food industry. According to the organizations, the two main sustainability criteria include soil preservation and water use, and they will decide on other criteria as the cooperation progresses.

Executive director of NEOM’s food sector Juan Carlos Motamayor stated that they are pioneering ways to increase their level of food self-sufficiency and are focused on producing as much food as is economically feasible. Additionally, he said that they launched the partnership with CARE to aid them in training chefs and other professionals in the food industry, which will enable them to encourage the consumption of locally sourced food. 

The goals of the partnership include making people more aware of food production in NEOM, increasing the amount of food that comes from local sources, creating top-notch training programs for Saudi chefs, and opening a Michelin-star or maybe even a green-star restaurant soon. As part of the training, food producers at NEOM City will also get tips on how to improve their work to meet the needs of the growing high-end cuisine sector in the Kingdom.

NEOM wants to make the economy of the Kingdom more diverse by building up sectors that help solve the biggest problems it faces, such as climate change, which affects food production and has an effect on climate change. They will concentrate on proving the worth of technologies that are accessible at smaller stages rather than necessary at huge commercial scales in order to make food consumption and production more sustainable. He also said that by demonstrating water efficiency and the capacity to grow crops in hot and dry conditions, the model might be adopted by nations around the world, thus reducing the consequences of climate change.


In collaboration with CARE, NEOM will bring together the necessary knowledge and tools to advance the culinary sector. Overall, the program will reduce carbon emissions from food transportation, which accounts for about a third of the jobs in the entire food business. The collaboration between NEOM smart city and CARE further solidifies NEOM’s continued dedication to using innovation to sustain people and the environment and ensure food security for future generations. 

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