June 21, 2024

New Doughs, Wraps Reimagined

Culinary innovations always find home in the UAE! Popular Lebanese Urban eatery Zaatar W Zeit has just announced the launch of its first-ever potato dough in the region, now available across its 19 locations in the United Arab Emirates.

The new dough is not only delicious and fulfilling, but also healthy and gut-friendly. It is packed with Vitamins B and C, high in Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus, rich in fiber, and contains Iron, Zinc, and Magnesium. To complement the potato dough’s rich taste and unlock its flavor, Zaatar W Zeit is serving it in 3 amazing wraps: The Crispy Hotdog wrap, the Egg N’ Cheese wrap, and the all-new Simply Kafta wrap (ground beef mixed with spices, diced onion, and parsley, and topped with chips, mayo and ketchup) which is set to become a best-seller.

But the potato dough is not the only new dough on Zaatar W Zeit’s wraps menu. Keeping up with customers’ changing needs and consumption trends, the store has revealed its High Protein Dough, loaded with protein, dietary fiber and complete amino acids. Containing zero added fat, the High Protein Dough is poised to reap a staggering success among weight and fitness conscious consumers. It’s featured on the menu in two star items: The Chicken Light wrap and the all-new Super Tuna wrap (tuna mixed with light mayo sauce, romaine lettuce, sesame seeds and corn).

Louay Ghandour, Group Managing Director of Cravia Inc. – representing several popular F&B brands in the region – said: “Modern consumers are novelty seekers. They’re also health-conscious and in constant quest for bursting flavors. With the two new doughs added to the regular, oat and multi-cereal options, we now have a full range of doughs that cater to all tastes. We’ve reimagined the wrap experience and are proud to be called the real home of fresh and unique doughs.”

Ghandour added: “We are excited about the launch of the first-ever Potato Dough and the new High Protein Dough in the UAE, in addition to the Super Tuna and the Simply Kafta wraps. Our customers are in for a real treat, especially that our flatbread is kneaded and freshly baked in-house and upon order.”

Although perfect in wraps, Zaatar W Zeit’s doughs are also a great fit for pizza and manakeesh. Get a taste of your favorite at your nearest branch in the UAE, or call 600522231 for delivery.

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