June 16, 2024

NTT DATA Rolls Out Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Services to Targeted Clients

NTT DATA Middle East and Africa, a digital business and IT services leader, has launched deployments of its Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) based connectivity services for nine key clients from varied sectors such as retail, banking, mining, and logistics. The services aim to deliver a connectivity solution that improves network performance and provides a consistent and better client experience.

NTT DATA’s investment into LEO satellite services aims to mitigate the frequent disruptions caused by fibre cable breaks or power disruptions (loadshedding), ensuring more reliable and continuous connection for businesses across the region. While the company has been offering satellite services for more than 10 years, an integrated GEO-LEO solution, together with established fibre and wireless alternatives, translates to enhanced performance for multiple use-cases including access to latency-sensitive applications as well as real-time services such as video conferencing, among others.

While other sector players have recently announced partnerships to offer the innovative satellite technology, NTT DATA has been focused on a programme of deployments for key clients in selected industries and is one the first to take a vertical approach to deploying the solution.

Greg Hatfield, Vice President of Infrastructure Solutions at NTT DATA explains further: “Our approach is to provide LEO-based connectivity solutions using industry specific full-stack architecture. This enables business transformation for our clients, as opposed to simply connecting their locations. The enhanced attributes of LEO only reach their full potential when used in an integrated infrastructure and application ecosystem tailored to the requirements of the organisation. Our strategy has always been to use the breadth and depth of our expertise as NTT DATA to deliver more than just a different flavour of connectivity.”

While the region is well served by traditional communications technology like fibre and wireless, there has been a resurgence in demand for satellite services, amplified by some of the unique attributes of LEO. As one of the few service providers that has expertise through the entire IT stack, NTT DATA’s LEO satellite offering simply becomes an extension of the company’s holistic approach to using technology to help their clients succeed. A vendor- and technology-agnostic approach gives clients peace of mind that they are receiving a fit-for-purpose solution, that has not only navigated country-specific complexities of regulatory obligations and risk, but coverage and solution integration as well.

“Addressing the unique needs of our clients demands a tailored approach. Our aim is to ensure that LEO satellite is an option for our clients, no matter where they are on the continent,” continues Hatfield. “As specialist aggregators and integrators we can go all the way up their stack to integrate LEO-based connectivity solutions into any other element of their infrastructure.”

LEO-based connectivity solutions offer many benefits including lower latency and improved coverage, marking an exciting step towards connecting every business, everywhere. “We are incredibly excited to have already started the deployment of this transformative satellite technology to our clients. It aligns perfectly with our vision of leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive business transformation. More than that though, it provides a safeguard for our clients that ensures their businesses are appropriately connected at all times, helping them to compete and win,” concludes Hatfield.

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