OCBC NISP banks on Cloudera to transform banking services
July 25, 2024
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OCBC NISP banks on Cloudera to transform banking services

By deploying data and AI capabilities

In a strategic move towards digital transformation, Jakarta-based PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk has announced its collaboration with Cloudera, a leading data company in enterprise AI solutions.

The new partnership aims to propel the Indonesian bank towards becoming a digital-first entity, enhancing customer experiences through advanced data analytics and AI-driven insights.

PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk, or OCBC Indonesia, is a publicly listed Indonesian banking and financial services company. It is part of OCBC Bank, a Singaporean banking and economic group.

Under the agreement, PT Bank OCBC NISP will revolutionise its operational frameworks by harnessing Cloudera’s hybrid data platform and machine learning capabilities.

The integration of Cloudera’s solutions is set to optimise the bank’s data management infrastructure, enabling interaction between data scientists and business units.

Cutting-edge AI models

The initiative promises to deliver cutting-edge AI models and personalised recommendations to customers in real-time, thereby setting new benchmarks in customer service within the banking sector.

Komang Artha Yasa, Head of Technology Division at PT Bank OCBC NISP, stressed the pivotal role of technology in enhancing customer satisfaction.

“PT Bank OCBC NISP believes that leveraging advanced technology is crucial to enhancing customer experiences. By implementing state-of-the-art data technologies and launching innovative AI projects, we aim to maintain our leadership in the industry and cater effectively to consumer needs,” Yasa said.

Sherlie Karnidta, Cloudera’s regional vice president and country manager for Indonesia, highlighted the transformative potential of data-driven AI applications.

“Enterprises increasingly leverage data to develop bespoke applications and enhance customer productivity. We are delighted to partner with PT Bank OCBC NISP in building a robust platform that supports scalable AI integration, fostering continuous innovation and operational efficiency,” stated.

PT Bank OCBC NISP plans to extend AI and machine learning capabilities across its operational systems to drive further innovation and streamline regulatory compliance.

By leveraging Cloudera’s comprehensive data solutions, the bank seeks to consolidate its position as an industry leader in customer-centric banking services.

With a focus on open data lakehouse solutions, Cloudera enables secure, cloud-native analytics across diverse datasets. It supports organisations in managing and deriving insights from their data across any cloud environment.

As a trusted partner to global enterprises across various industries, Cloudera continues to drive innovation through collaborative open-source initiatives.

Featured image: By leveraging Cloudera’s comprehensive data solutions, PT Bank OCBC NISP seeks to consolidate its position as an industry leader in customer-centric banking services. Credit: PT Bank OCBC NISP

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