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July 16, 2024

OMODA & JAECOO becomes fastest growing automotive brand globally

OMODA & JAECOO, the innovative automobile brand dedicated to pioneering the future of travel, celebrated its participation at the prestigious Beijing Auto Show 2024 with the launch of three brand-new models: the pure electric OMODA E5, and the new energy, hybrid SUVs JAECOO J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV.

In addition to these launches, OMODA & JAECOO also announced the O-UNIVERSE “GREEN OJ” public welfare platform, an initiative through which it has made a solid commitment to caring for ecological environmental protection and vulnerable groups, among others. With already existing partnerships with a multitude of organizations, including IUCN, Indonesia’s Pandawara and New Zealand’s Keep New Zealand Beautiful, the brand is expanding this initiative to multiple countries and regions, including the UK, South Africa, and Kazakhstan, setting a solid foundation for the long-term growth of its global welfare footprint.

The brand welcomed over 2,000 international delegates at the prestigious exhibition’s 18th run, held at the China International Exhibition Centre. Its booth turned into a global hub with politicians from over 10 different nations photographed next to the OMODA E5 and marking a rare honourable moment in the global automotive sector.

OMODA & JAECOO’s new philosophy, “new products + new technology + new ecosystem,” which is underpinned by innovation, sustainability and a focus on exceptional design and cutting-edge performance, was highlighted at the brand’s futuristically designed booth. OMODA showcased the unique charm of future fashion and electric technology with its first pure electric model, OMODA E5, while JAECOO responded to the accelerated changes of the new energy era for off-road SUVs, speeding up its evolution towards electrification with the J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV.

Shawn Xu, CEO of OMODA & JAECOO Automobile International, said: “Participating in the globally renowned Beijing Auto Show is a momentous milestone for us at OMODA & JAECOO. We are honoured to have introduced our new vehicles at the prestigious exhibition and sincerely thank our teams, who worked so hard to make the global debut a success.

Our presence at the show underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence, and establishes us as automotive leaders working towards reshaping the future of mobility in the UAE and the wider Middle East through our electric and new energy hybrid vehicles that meet the aspirations of our customers. In just a year, we have become one of the fastest expanding car brands in the world, and we couldn’t be prouder of this achievement.”

OMODA & JAECOO has penetrated the global market at a rapid pace, entering key markets around the world and expanding its presence to more than 40 high-potential markets globally, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia, in less than a year. Through major brand events such as global music festivals and charity tours, OMODA & JAECOO has established its brand recognition on a global scale, achieving 24 billion exposures and attracting the attention of over 5.2 million fans from over 40 countries.

Actively responding to the need for sustainability across automotive markets in the Middle East and worldwide, OMODA & JAECOO will continue to integrate diverse new energy technologies, such as pure electric and hybrid systems, leading the way in green mobility. With the launch at the Beijing Auto Show, the brand is already lending momentum to this growing market and addressing its high demand.

The new launches that took place at the event complement the brand’s ongoing global expansion, embodying the brand’s all-dimensional “evolution” in design aesthetics and smart innovations, while continuing to lead the way to a new era of mobility.

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