April 20, 2024
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Emirates to serve authentic Onam dishes on flights from Dubai to Kerala

Emirates (EK) will serve traditional Onam cuisine on its flights to and from Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram to Dubai, as part of the Dubai-headquartered airline’s celebration of Onam – the ancient Hindu rice harvest festival of Kerala state in India.

The Onam dishes will be served onboard the 14 times weekly EK flight from Dubai to Kochi, and the seven times weekly EK flight from Dubai to Thiruvananthapuram, from August 20-31, 2023.

Economy class passengers on the two Indian sectors will be served traditional appetisers of sharkara upperi (banana roasted in sweet jaggery), kaya varuthathu (crisp banana chips) and kondattam mulaku (fried sundried chillies steeped in yoghurt).

Economy class passengers will also be offered traditional Onam dips, including kaalan (coconut, fresh yoghurt and yam, cucumber), pachadi (garnished salad), and puli inji (sweet and tangy ginger-based chutney).

First and Business class passengers will be served Kerala-style pappadam and piquant mango pickle.

Main courses

Main courses include alleppey kozhi curry (spiced chicken in coconut sauce), served with avial, chemba rice and cabbage carrot thoran, or vegetarian Sadhya sambar and kootu, paired with matta rice and carrot pea thoran, spiced chicken sukha (pan-fried chicken with coconut and spices, steamed rice, carrot pea thoran and vegetable kootu), or mutton sukha with chemba rice, erissery and bean thoran.

First class customers can also opt for mutton pepper fry.

Dessert will include Onam favourites such as palada pradhaman (creamy rice pudding served with roasted pistachios, raisins, and cashew nuts), or parippu payasam (sweet lentil pudding topped with roasted coconut flakes).

All the Onam-themed meals onboard the Emirates flights from Dubai to Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram will be served on banana leaf dish liners.

For entertainment during the Onam celebration period, EK passengers will get to watch 18 Malayalam movies inflight, including award-winning titles such as Ela Veezha Poonchira, Hridayam, and blockbusters Bro Daddy, and 12th Man.

The Onam festival is traditionally celebrated between August and September, according to the Malayali calendar.

The festival also marks the beginning of the Malayalam year.

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