May 28, 2024

Ora Nursery Paid Tribute to Working Mums

ORA, the Nursery of the Future, a futuristic nursery that supports working mothers, offered tribute to all working mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

“Mothers are the trusted individuals we turn to for comfort, guidance, support, and encouragement. They tirelessly work to bring out best qualities and advocate for us behind the scenes. As we celebrate this special occasion, the entire team at Ora pays homage to these influential figures who serve as the pillars of our society,” said Tanja Spasojevic, General Manager of Ora.

Ora spearheads the future of global early childhood development from Dubai. Through its pioneering and innovative early learning environment, they prepare young children to lead the future based on the four key pillars of Leadership Skills, Happiness and Positivity, Advanced Sciences, and Technology and Coding.

Spasojevic addressed and highlighted the multi-tasking abilities of super moms, from running homes as well as handling jobs. She stated, “It is rightly said, the moment a child is born, the mother is also born. Mothers not only helps craft the winning line, they teach us how to two-step it.”

To celebrate the everlasting bond of love and affection on the eve of the Mother’s Day, several activities were also organised for students at the Nursery.

“Mothers devote their entire lives to us with a selfless and unwavering strength. They are loving and protective figures, and undoubtedly, being a mother is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling roles in the world. A single day is not sufficient to express our appreciation for their tireless efforts and numerous sacrifices they do to ensure our happiness, safety, and well-being. Hence, we must continue to honour and cherish them not just on one day but every day, whenever possible,” concluded Spasojevic.

Mothers in the UAE like in any other part of the world are always concerned that their children are exposed to a conducive learning environment. ORA firmly believes that positive childhood experiences can ensure that children grow up to be intelligent, articulated, and self-assured. It aims to empower each child to unlock his or her potential on an individual learning journey. By harnessing the principles of self-guided discovery and family-based learning, ORA aspires to equip children with the mindset and skills to develop as leaders in a rapidly changing world.

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