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July 20, 2024

Over 10,000 Russian-speaking doctors seek to move to the UAE annually

More than 10,000 Russian-speaking doctors are expected to seek relocation to the UAE annually over the coming few years, according to Dubai-based relocation services company Volna.

Since February 2023, Volna has received more than 5,000 relocation requests. 150 doctors have already received the necessary licenses to practice in the country, and an additional 500 applications are currently in progress. The company anticipates the arrival of at least 500 new doctors in 2024.

This surge in interest is due in part to the fact that only 1.5% of doctors in the UAE are currently from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries and speak Russian. The demand for Russian-speaking medical professionals is further amplified by the establishment of Russian-owned medical centers in the UAE, including Kandinsky Clinic, Polyclinic.ae, CIDK Clinic, Milena Aesthetic Clinic, Polar Bear Clinic, Evolution Clinic, Detki Clinic, Molodost Clinic, and Regale Clinic.

Volna has recently organized a medical networking conference in Dubai, attracting over 150 attendees who convened in person to explore the growth potential of the medical industry in the UAE and the wider region. During the event, UAE-based Russian-speaking doctors had the opportunity to engage with experts, sharing insights and inspiring doctors with boundless opportunities upon relocating to the UAE.

Reflecting on this event, which is the first gathering of this magnitude within Dubai’s Russian-speaking medical community, Ksenia Butova, Founder & CEO of Volna, said: “Our mission goes beyond facilitating relocations. We assist Russian-speaking doctors in enhancing their career prospects and connecting them with global opportunities. We are witnessing a rapid expansion of the healthcare market here in the UAE, and we firmly believe that the country offers doctors an enhanced quality of life that is both attainable and rewarding.”

The healthcare sector in Dubai is undergoing a remarkable expansion fuelled by the growing Russian expatriate community. This surge has given rise to an unprecedented demand for Russian-speaking medical professionals, a demand that is being met by Dubai-based relocation services company Volna.

Amidst the backdrop of thousands of Russian-speaking doctors expressing interest in relocating to the UAE, Volna has emerged as a crucial facilitator in this transition, offering specialized preparation for the rigorous medical licensing examinations required in the region.

Volna’s impact on the healthcare sector extends beyond individual exam preparation; the company serves as a vital link connecting local clinics with top-tier Russian-speaking medical talent. Their efforts are not just meeting the needs of the Russian-speaking community but also significantly contributing to the enrichment of the UAE’s healthcare landscape.

Volna is a relocation services company dedicated to facilitating the transition of medical experts and clinic owners to the UAE and Europe, offering a seamless path to new career and business opportunities. Learn more at: volna.me/en

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